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Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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195 – Lever Setting Hampden Wristwatches—Questions Answered by Donald Hoke
208 – Thomas Voigt’s Ohio Clock by Alan D. McArthur
210 – An Engineer Looks at Clockwork Gears by Harry Sandford
220 – Clock and Watchmaking Today—An English Exhibition by Charles K. Aked
207 – Clocks on the Western Frontier by Marc Simmons
225 – Old Watches Present Radiological Hazard by Robert Free
226 – Space Technology Changes System of Gauging Earth’s Time, Motion
by Joy Aschenbach
228 – The 1988 NAWCC National Convention
229 – 1988 NAWCC Award Recipients
230 – 1988 NAWCC Crafts Competition by William H. Herron
234 – The Answer Box
238 – Charles O. Terwilliger, In Memoriam
238 – Old Clocks in the U.S. Capitol
239 – Research Activities and News
242 – 9th Annual NAWCC Seminar by Herbert A. Gold
243 – Necrology
244 – The Watch & Clock Museum of the NAWCC
245 – Vox Temporis
248 – Chapter Highlights
270 – Chapter Officers
272 – National Officers and Staff
Cover 3 – Dates To Remember

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