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Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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195 – Council Meetings, Twelfth Annual Meeting, Reports
204 – List of Donors for 1956 Convention
205 – Treasurer’s Report and Approved Budget
206 – Conventioniana by Susie Penn Sylvania
209 – The Terry Firms of Clockmakers by Lockwood Barr
211 – Chinese Mechanical Clocks by Silvio A. Bedini
223 – Westward Ho 1955 by W. L. Wadleigh Jr.
226 – Two Sleepers by Walter J. Mulvin
227 – Pioneer Clocks by Patti Starr
229 – The Clocks of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania by G. H. Eckhardt
234 – The Answer Box
235 – Marine or Lever Clocks by C. W. Burnham
236 – The Long Wind Waterbury by Herman H. Seff
239 – An Appreciation of Courtenay Ilbert
242 – An Experimental Tide and Moon Clock by H. D. Pendleton
243 - American Clocks in England by E. J. Tyler
245 – The Kosmic Clock by Ray W. Walker and A. L. Partridge
250 – A Silent Mirror Clock by Albert O. Dodge
251 – Vox Temporis
254 – Chapter Activities
260 – Review of Current Periodicals
265 – Book Review
267 – The Constitution and By-Laws, containing the revisions, as adopted by Council, May 19, 1956

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