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Instructor: Fred Tischler

Workshop Fee:

NAWCC Member


Non NAWCC Member

$200 + $82 fee


Student Tool List



Contact Pam Tischler at

972-612-0712 or

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Register Online Here


FSW Registration cut-off date is 30 days before the first day of class. No exceptions please. 


Course Location:

Milwaukee, WI
Sponsoring Chapter: NAWCC National Convention

The Repair and Replacement of an American Strip Recoil Escapement

This two day course will instruct the student on how to repair and replace the recoil strip escapement generally used in an American open spring clock. First, techniques will be taught to restore the escape wheel of bent teeth, wobble and run-out. Then, the student will learn how to restore an existing strip recoil verge for worn pallet faces, worn or loose saddle and crutch.
In addition, the instructor will teach the students how to make two new strip recoil verges for their clocks using different techniques. Students will be required to bring a specified list of tools, parts and an American open spring clock with the escapement on an outside plate.


Prerequisite: No course requirements; however, there is a requirement for a movement in specific condition as described below. Although not required, the F200 course would be very beneficial because of skills taught such as filing,
polishing, cutting, annealing & tempering.


Specific procedures covered in this course are:

  • Repair the existing escapement
  • The escape wheel.
  • The verge assembly
  • Adjust the escapement
  • Verge adjustment
  • Escapement drop
  • Make a new recoil verge assembly by an escape wheel tooth span method
  • Discussion of industry’s best practices on tooth span
  • Crutch length discussion
  • Harden and temper pallets
  • Polish pallets to high sheen
  • Test the completed escapement in their clock
  • Make a new recoil verge assembly by using calculated verge dimensions
  • Manual & EXCEL spread sheet method of calculations
  • Construction the verge, harden, polish pallets & test



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