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In recognition of the year that the NAWCC was founded, the 1943 Heritage Society is made up of NAWCC members who have made gifts or informed the NAWCC of their intent to make a gift through a will, bequest, or other planned gifts. 
Julia Blair (IA)
Anonymous (CA)
James F. Chamberlain (CA)
Dr. Bob Chapman (TN)
Jeannine B. Chapman (TN)
Jack G. Conner (OH)
Lee & Kathleen Davis (PA)
Donnagene M. Dillman (IN)
Paul & Priscilla McCliment (PA)
Ednabell Drury Menditto (MO)
William H. Miller (MD)
Mary Louise & Bryson* Moore (OR)
Steven L. Overstreet (KS)
Hugh C. & Ruth Overton Jr. (MO)
Noel B. Poirier (PA)
Anonymous (CA)
Robert W. Stocker (KY)
Mary Ann Wahlner (CA)
William (Bill) C. Ward Jr. & Nancy (KY)
Daniel M. Weiss (PA)

Bequest Fulfilled
P. Edmund Bechtold* (PA)
Fred & Isabel Beeler* (MI)
Howard W. Bornholm* (CT)
Beecher B. Bowman* (PA)
Richard S. Bowser* (TX)
Robert J. & Betty R. Deroski* (NY)
Russell Greenwalt* (NY)
Beryl P. Haas* (NY)
Grace LaGrone Hendrick* (LA)
Fred L. Horton* (VA)
Kenneth C. Hoxie* (PA)
Lester S. Lahr* (PA)
Fannie L. Manning* (PA)
Ursula & Paul Metsker* (KS)
Wilbur & Kathleen Pritchard* (MD)
Ruth M. Robinson* (FL)
Russell W. Smith* (NJ)
Charles B. Steger* (OH)
Stuart Unger* (NY) 


* Denotes deceased.



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