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Instructor: Fred Tischler

Workshop Fee:

NAWCC Member


Non NAWCC Member

$325 + $82 fee


Student Tool List



Contact Pam Tischler at

972-612-0712 or

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FSW Registration cut-off date is 30 days before the first day of class. No exceptions please.


Course Location:

Kansas City, MO
Sponsoring Chapter: 36
Coordinator: Bill Dugan

Fundamental Skills for Lathe and Clock Repair II

This four-day course is a continuation of the FSW F200 course and students will need tools made in that course to complete the F201 course. This course instructs the student in the fundamental skills of Lathe operation and maintenance for clock repair. The course procedures instruct the student on the basic skills needed to turn, center, drill, saw, file, bore and grind material on the Lathe for making clock parts and tools. The student will then practice these basic skills and complete several Lathe projects consisting of making tools and parts used in clock repair. The F200 is a prerequisite course requirement for F201. The student will be required to bring a Lathe to this course. The F200 course provided instruction on the type of Lathes and their accessories to purchase that satisfies this course’s tool requirements. So before this course is taken, the student must make a decision to invest in t
he tools needed for this course, which can also be used in other clock repair courses and certainly a must for succes sful clock repair. See the student’s required tool list for the operational Lathe and other tools needed for this course. 

Overview of the procedures covered in the F201 class

•Introduction to the Lathe and Lathe accessories
•Basic Lathe care and maintenance
•Lathe operations of turning with different metals, speed and feed.
•Drilling techniques for soft and harden metals.
•Sawing with Jewelers saw and spindle circular saw
•Filing work that is round and square
•Grinding & lapping techniques
•Polishing and lapping with different compounds
•Burnishing pivots
•Demonstrate method of soften hard arbor for re-pivoting

•Rolling a brass spring
•Discussion on purchasing a cross-slide
•Demonstrate cross slide operation of turning and boring with a tool post
•Show method of escape wheel teeth straightening with a cross-slide


Student Class Lathe projects
•Turn step in brass rod to specific diameters and lengths
•Turn step in steel rod to specific diameters and lengths
•Turn a first wheel bushing with a count wheel slot
•Making a lap faceplate
•Making a faceplate to mount a diamond disk
•Make a graver Sharpener Holder
•Make a Lathe file rest
•Make a barrel arbor


Optional Lathe projects for class or at home after the class is over
•Turn clock arbor to a specific length with pivots, file and burnish.
•Re-pivot a clock arbor, then file and burnish.
•Make a Lathe circle saw arbor
•Make an oil sink finishing tool
•Make gathering pallet setting tool
•Turn a shoulder screw
•Turn a barrel spring hook
•Make an assembly stump
•Bush a spring barrel



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