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Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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741 – The First North American Time Ball by Ian R. Bartky and Steven J. Dick
745 – Finding the Point at Sea by David S. Landes
753 – A Little Brass by Edmund Fortier
755 – Identification of Brass Clock Movements by Their Characteristics: The Escape Wheel Bride by A. Lee Smith
786 – Research of Appleton Watch Company, Appleton, Wisconsin by Jerry Gerlach
792 – The Inclined Plane Clock by Mel Kaye
795 – Horological Ephemera Part II: Post Cards by Nahum Lewis
803 – Book Reviews
804 – The Answer Box
811 – Practical Repair and Restoration (John C. Losch)
817 – The Railroaders’ Corner
824 – It’s About Time: The History of Timekeeping in America—An Exhibit
at the Heritage Plantation of Sandwich, Sandwich, Massachusetts
825 – The National Watch and Clock Museum
826 – Library and Research Center
828 – Willard House and Clock Museum
829 – Research Activities and News
841 – Vox Temporis
847 – 1998-1999 NAWCC Award Recipients
850 – 1998-1999 Fellow Biographies
852 – Obituaries
853 – Chapter Highlights
878 – Chapter Officers
881 – 1999 NAWCC BULLETIN Index
Cover 3 – Dates to Remember
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dates to remember



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