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Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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549 – The Joseph Ives/Titus Merriman 30-Hour Shelf Clock Connection
by Evan Edwards
559 – One Man’s Joker: Another Man’s Japy by D. K. Stevenson
570 – George B. Adams of National Watch Company of Elgin by Bernard G. Kraus
572 – Comments on Henry J. Davies and Crystal Palace Clocks by Chris H. Bailey
574 – Statement of Ownership
575 – The First Watch Papers by Theodore R. Crom
578 – In Memoriam: Philip E. Balcomb
579 – Horological Ephemera—Postal Cards by Nahum H. Lewis
585 – Time Trippers: 24th Annual Henry Fried Memorial Horological Tour
by Leigh Blair and G. Harry Blair
589 – Karl Regnat and His Gift to the NAWCC School of Horology by Kathy I. Everett
592 – Heroic Action Remembered for 140 Years by Ted Denton
594 – The Answer Box
601 – Research Activities and News
608 – Wristwatches
612 – Practical Repair and Restoration
618 – The 19th Annual NAWCC Seminar—Southern Horology
619 – The Railroaders’ Corner
627 – Four Educational Scholarships Awarded for 1998-1999
628 – Book Reviews
631 – Timely Voices
636 – Obituaries
637 – The Clockmaker’s Notebook
641 – The NAWCC Museum
643 – Library News
645 – 1998 National Convention, Portland, Oregon
647 – The Willard House and Clock Museum
648 – 1998 State of the Association
671 – Chapter Highlights
702 – Chapter Officers
Cover 3 – Dates To Remember
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