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Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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1019 – A Look at Eight-Day Column-and-Cornice Clocks by Lee H. Davis
1046 – A Daniel Quare Month Clock by David E. Heilpern
1055 – Some Notes on Ithaca Calendar Clocks (and others) by William B. Woernley
1059 – “Sometimes You Get More Than You Bid For” by Sylvester A. Cuifo
1066 – A Pennsylvania “Grandmother Clock” by E. F. La Fond Jr.
1071 – “Bill’s Clock” (Some Facts about the Munger Family) by William D. Sawtell
1078 – Chauncey Jerome’s Left-hand, Off-center, Half Upside-down O. G. Timepiece by Addison F. Clipson
1084 – H. J. & W. D. Davies Lighting Attachments for Alarm Clocks by M. W. Bartels
1091 – Reconstructing an Ithaca Calendar Clock by Lloyd P. Bretch Jr.
1010 – Robert Robin and the Robin Escapement by Leonard Paller and Ted Denton
1075 – A Crystal Plate Waltham Watch by A. E. Matthews
1043 – The Clock on Red Square by David R. Proper
1052 – Great Men of Horology (Pencil Sketches) by John L. Walker
1060 – Peterson’s Follies by George A. Peterson
1070 – A Worker in Iron by Myron Pleasure
1083 – An Uxorial Postulation, or, One Way To Keep Husbands Happy by Anne Kyle
1088 – To Find Out, Read The Paper by Phil B. Jones
1090 – Dates To Remember (Regional Meetings)
1096 – Necrology
1097, 1098, 1099, 1100, and 1126 – Convention Promotion
1101 – Answer Box
1107 – Book Review
1109 – List of Program Material
1110 – Vox Temporis
1127 – New Members
1143 – Chapter Activities
1093 – Doing It The Osborne Way (Cleaning and Lubricating Clock Mainsprings)

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