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See our Lending Guidelines for information about borrowing books from the library. 


New Books

Cuckoo Clock Repair Manual by William J. Bilger
Bulle Clock: Function Technique Repair by The Clock Friends
Eureka Clock: Function Technique Repair by The Clock Friends
DeLong in Horology: A Collection of Articles Written by Charles E. DeLong for the Magazine Horology During the 1930's While Living in Glendale, California by Charles E. DeLong
Misura del Tempo Cioè Trattato d'Horologii da Ruota di Tre Ordini, Rustico da Campanile, Pulito da Camera, e Lustro da Petto by Giuseppe, da Capriglia
The Rolex Story by Franz-Christoph Heel
Regulator Clock Construction by K. Peter Heimann
The Clock Struck One: A Time-Telling Tale by Trudy Harris
The Masonic Watches of William Wallace Dudley by Thomas W. Lindner
Time Ticks By: How Do You Read a Clock by Donna Loughran
Museum Van Het Nederlandse Uurwerk
The "Sharper" Image: Yankee Peddlers, Southern Consumers, and the Market Revolution by Joseph T. Rainer
Shaker Furniture: A Craftsman’s Journal by Timothy D. Rieman
The Jewelry Repairer’s Handbook by John G. Replinger
Sandsteel Mainspring Manual by Sandsteel Spring Company
Ronson’s Art Metal Works by Stuart Schneider
Kuckucksuhr, Mon Amour: Faszination Kuckucksuhr by Julia Scholz
A Mathematical Study of Anisochronism in John Harrison's First Sea Clock by M. A. Vandyck

New Videos

Affordable Time: America’s Contribution by Chris H. Bailey
Measuring Time Accurately Over 250 Years by Jonathan Betts
The Standardization of Civil Time by Geoff Chester
Time and the Brain by David Eagleman
From Bain to Shortt: Electrical Timekeeping 1840-1940 by Mark Frank
Fashion Calendar Clocks by Raymond & Margaret Horner
Recycling Time by E. C. Krupp
The Great Age of the Tower Clock by Chris McKay
Atomic Clocks: Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is? By Thomas O’Brian
Extreme Amateur Timekeeping from Harrison to Einstein by Tom Van Baak
Restoring Pendulettes by Jim & Jean West



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