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See our Lending Guidelines for information about borrowing books from the library. 


New Books

Gruen Watch Model Identification Guide Volume 2 by Mike Barnett

American Furniture 2013 by Luke Beckerdite

The 16 Size Illinois Bunn Special 1913-1948 by Michael Chamelin

Horology, a Child of Astronomy by Dominique Fléchon and Grégory Gardinetti

Sundials by Dominique and Eric Delalande

Complete Price Guide to Watches 2014 by Richard E. Gilbert, Tom Engle, and Cooksey Shugart

Japanese Automata: Karakuri Zui: anEighteenth Century Japanese Manual of Automatic Mechanical Devices Translated and Annotated by Murakami Kazuo 

Hector and the Search for Lost Time by François Lelord

Sollen met Salomon: Verslag von Gebeurtenissen met Haagse Klok, Toegeschreven aan Salomon Coster (Vóór 1623-1659) by Gisela Lixfeld

South Bend & Studebaker Watches: Another Sudebaker Family Legacy by Ernest M. Loga

The Turret Clock Keeper's Handbook: A Practical Guide for Those Who Look after a Turret Clock (New Revised Edition) by Chis McKay

La Drôle de Montre de Monsieur Roskopf by Jean-Michel Piguet

Die Turmuhrwerke und Zifferblätter Im und Am Dom Zu Xanten: Zum Jubilaeum 750 Jahre Gotik Xantener Dom by Josef H. Schröer

The Times of their Lives: Women, Men, and the Clock and Watch Industry in Bristol, CT, 1900-1970 by Philip Samponaro

Hammond Synchronous Clocks: Maintenance and Repair by Craig Shields

Josef Sulzer: Wien: Pendeluhren by Josef Sulzer

The Finest French Pendulum-Clocks: from Louis XIV to the Empire by Giacomo and Aurélie Wannenes

The Origins of Self-Winding Watches 1773-1779 by Richard Watkins

New Videos

The Making of the Jade Clock by Ted Bhend and Lloyd Porter

Making the Case for a Pocket Chronometer by Jess Cannon

The Blackforest Cuckoo Clock: a Film about Old Timers Living in Cuckooland by the Cuckooland Museum

Watch Oddities by James W. Gibbs

Automaton, Animated, & Musical Clocks of the Sandoz Collection by the Musée de Horlogerie, Le Locle

Timepieces Exhibited at Southern California Regionals 1968, 1971, & 1974 by Lloyd Porter

Battery Insertion Movements by John Howell and Martin Ridout

Joseph Ives New England Clockmaker by W. L. Wadleigh



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