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History of the Ward Francillon Time Symposium


1980 King of Prussia, PA
Theme: Pennsylvania Clocks

1981 Rockford, IL
Theme: Watches and Clocks

1982 Sturbridge, MA
Theme: New England Handcrafted Clocks and Watches

1983 Lancaster, PA
Theme: Pennsylvania Horology

1984 Hartford, CT
Theme: The Great Horological Transition: Handcrafting to Manufacture

1985 Portland, OR
Theme: British Horology: 1650-1775

1986 Dearborn, MI
Theme: Horology & Transportation

1987 Rochester, NY
Theme: Upper New York State Clocks

1988 Santa Monica, CA
Theme: French Horology

1989 Washington, DC
Theme: Public Timekeeping

1990 Houston, TX
Theme: The Evolution of Mass Production in Horology

1991 Fort Mitchell, KY
Theme: Midwestern Horology

1992 Cleveland, OH
Theme: Precision Timekeeping

1993 Cambridge, MA
Theme: The Longitude Symposium

1994 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Theme: Canadian Horology

1995 Harrisburg, PA
Theme: American Tall Case Clockmaking

1996 Rockford, IL
Theme: Railroad Timekeeping

1997 Bristol, CT
Theme: Time and Time Again: Yankee Technology and Timekeepers for the Working Man

1998 Williamsburg, VA
Theme: Southern Horology

1999 Minneapolis, MN
Theme: Vienna Regulators

2000 London, England
Theme: 1000 Years of British Timekeeping

2001 Convington, KY
Theme: The Wristwatch-Timepiece of the 20th Century

2002 Andover, MA
Theme: Boston: Cradle of Industrial Watchmaking

2003 St. Louis, MO
Theme: The Torsion Pendulum Clock and Its Place in Horology

2004 Portland, OR
Theme: Horology and Science

2005 Houston, TX
Theme: Inventions and Inventors in American Horology

2006 Cleveland, OH
Theme: American Watchmaking II: From Craft to Industry

2007 York, PA
Theme: The Impact of Mass Production on the American Clock Industry

2008 Springfield, IL
Theme: Electric Horology






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