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Title Author Hits
The Life and Death of the Ithaca Calendar Clock Company Written by Amy 938
A Study of Verge Watchcocks and Bridges Written by Amy 1256
Hour Glasses Written by Amy 831
Eli Terry Pillar & Scroll Shelf Clocks Written by Amy 1113
From Springfield to Moscow: The Complete Dueber-Hampden Story Written by Amy 1009
The Dueber-Hampden Story Written by Amy 1132
Daniel Pratt, Junior – Reading (Mass.) Clockmaker No. 2 Written by Amy 973
E. Howard: The Man and the Company - No. 1 Written by Amy 982
Eli Terry – Dreamer, Artisan, and Clockmaker - No. 3 Written by Amy 796
Elmer Ellsworth Dugan and the Dickory Dickory Dock Clock - No. 4 Written by Amy 766
Clockmakers of the Concord, Massachusetts, Company - No. 5 Written by Amy 711
Some Observations Concerning Connecticut Clockmaking, 1790-1850 - No. 6 Written by Amy 822
Shaker Clockmakers - No. 7 Written by Amy 768
A Review of George Graham’s Classic Escapement or Dead-Beat by Design - No. 8 Written by Amy 1034
A Survey History of the American Spring-Driven Clock 1840-1860 - No. 9 Written by Amy 982
The Priceless Possession of a Few - No. 10 Written by Amy 1118
William Claggett and his Clockmaking Family - No. 11 Written by Amy 797
The Welch, Spring and Company - No. 12 Written by Amy 1068
Heman Clark and the “Salem Bridge” Shelf Clocks - No. 13 Written by Amy 479
American Watchmaking: A Technical History of the American Watch Industry, 1850-1930 - No. 14 Written by Amy 610
From Rags to Riches to Rags: The Story of Chauncey Jerome - No. 15 Written by Amy 450
Aaron Dodd Crane, An American Original - No. 16 Written by Amy 585
Clockmakers & Clockmaking in Southern Maine 1770-1870 - No. 17 Written by Amy 419
The Greek Revival Influence on American Clock Case Design and Empire Clock Case Development No. 18 Written by Amy 396
Eight Day Wood Movement Shelf Clocks – Their Cases, Their Movements, Their Makers No. 19 Written by Amy 422
Supplements Written by Amy 4133



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