Historical Watch & Clock Contributions
from Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Ober Clock
  • Eby Clock
  • Shreiner Clock
  • Eberman Clock
  • Hamilton No1 Watch
  • Adams Perry Watch
  • Lancaster Watch
  • Dudley Watch
  • Hamilton Archives
  • This Pennsylvania Pillar & Scroll shelf clock (ca. 1830) made by Henry Ober has a cherry case with a mahogany veneer and bird's eye maple door panel, containing an 8-day cast brass time and strike movement. Origin: Elizabethtown, PA
  • This Tall Case Clock (Ca. 1803-1815) has a beautifully ornate Federal tall case of cherry, containing an 8-day time and strike brass movement, dead beat escapement, rack and snail strike. The painted iron moon dial is signed Jacoby Eby, Manheim. Origin: Manheim, PA
  • Tall Case Clock containing an 8-day, seven-tune musical, brass three-weight movement (ca. 1810) and an Anchor recoil escapement. Federal style mahogany case. Hour bell marked "G. Ainsworth, Warrn." (Warrington, England). Painted iron moon dial with farm scene and seascape signed "Martin Shreiner, Lancaster, No 201." Origin: Lancaster, PA
  • Turret Clock (ca. 1785) with an 8-day time and hour strike tower clock movement. Rebuilt in 1854 by Joseph Eberman and in 1878 by Godfried M. Zahm. Made by John Eberman, Jr. Place of Origin: Lancaster, PA
  • Pocket Watch (date: 4-21-1896): 18 size, Grade 936, 17 jewels, adjusted, full plate, nickel, single roller, lever set, open face, double sunk Roman dial with red marginal Arabic figures, marked "Hamilton Watch Co. Serial No. 1." Maker: Hamilton Watch Company. Origin: Lancaster, PA
  • Pocket Watch (ca. 1877): 18 Size, Model 1, serial no. 1456, 20 jewels, 3/4 Plate, Gilt, Breguet hair spring, Stem Wind, Pendant Set, Hunting. Movement marked, "Lancaster Watch Penna." Made by Adams & Perry, sold by Lancaster Watch Company. Single sunk Roman dial marked Lancaster, Pa. Origin: Lancaster, PA
  • Pocket Watch (ca. 1886): 18 size, Model 3, No. 26, "Elberon", serial no. 111669, 10 jewels, 3/4 plate, gilt, patent dust proof, covered balance with mica window, lever set, hunting, single sunk Roman dial marked Keystone Watch Company, Keystone pattern hands. Made by Keystone Standard Watch Company. Origin: Lancaster, PA
  • Pocket Watch (ca. 1922): 14 size, Masonic Model 1, Serial number 1139, 19 jewels, stem wound and pendant set. 14K gold open faced case marked "986423". Silvered, art deco style dial with Roman numerals, seconds bit at 6:00 position, and marked "Dudley" below 12:00 position. Made by Dudley Watch Company. Origin: Lancaster, PA
  • The National Watch & Clock Museum maintains a large archive of documents from the famed Hamilton Watch Company, including hand written notes about their earliest creations, original drawings of Hamilton’s marine chronometers from WWII, company work orders, memos and ledgers. This outstanding archive includes vintage timepieces, advertisements, company newsletters and video testimonials from former employees-- significant to the history of Lancaster County, PA, and the industry as a whole. Origin: Lancaster, PA

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Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
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ExxonMobil Foundation
IBM Corporation
Lancaster County Community Foundation


Chelsea Clock
Dave's Watch Parts & Tools
Hamilton International LTD.
Horst Insurance
International Society of Talking Clocks
Jones & Horan Auction Team
Markley Actuarial Service
Pook and Pook Inc


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