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The National Watch and Clock Museum, in support of the overall mission of the NAWCC, interprets the history of time and timekeeping devices through educational programs, exhibits, and special events. The goals of the Museum are to depict the importance of the measurement of time within human society, reveal the artistry and science of timekeeping mechanisms, preserve and collect objects related to time and timekeeping, and explore their development from the earliest societies to the present day.


The collections of the National Watch and Clock Museum fall within the mission of the Museum and the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Inc., as stated above and in 1977, to (1) preserve the horological history of the world; (2) enhance the enjoyment and education of the public in horology through study, exhibition, and interpretation of its collections; (3) support and encourage scholarly research and publication in fields relevant to the horological history and the science thereof; and (4) interpret the role of horology in the development of society.

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