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Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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723 – Spring Suspensions for Accurate Pendulums by Robert J. Matthys
739 – Silas B. Terry and His Timepieces with Springs Outside the Back Plate
by A. Lee Smith, Tom Grimshaw, and J. M. Arvay
745 – The Rise and Fall of the Wallace Electric Wallace and Tiernan Products, Inc. Belleville, New Jersey 1928-1932 by Herbert T. Freeland
756 – An American Beauty: The Samuel Mulliken II, Salem, Mass. Dwarf Clock by Dr. Theodore R. Crom
762 – At the Bench “Adjusted” vs. “Unadjusted” Watches by Newton Noell
764 – Radio-Controlled Watches & Clocks by Walter Schoendorf
767 – A Watch by Frederick Funk by John Wilterding and W. F. Meggers
773 – Research Activities and News
785 – Timely Voices
796 – Book Reviews
799 – NAWCC Program Listing
802 – NAWCC Museum and Library
805 – Executive Director’s Digest
806 – Willard House and Clock Museum
808 – The Answer Box
815 – 1996 NAWCC Crafts Competition
817 – Necrology
818 – Chapter Highlights
846 – Chapter Officers
848 – 1995 NAWCC BULLETIN Index
Cover 3 – Dates To Remember
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