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Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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265 - Time In Miniature by Lee H. Davis
273 - James Ferguson and His Mechanical Paradox Orrery by Dr. Clayton Boyer
277 - Fredericton City Hall Tower Clock—Part 2 by Alex Cummings
284 - Grandmother Hibbs’ Mastercrafters “Fireplace Motion Clock” by Robert G. Hibbs
285 - The Unusual Newburg, New York, Tall Clocks by Tom Spittler
295 - Early 18-size Hampden Ball and Hamilton Ball Watch Observations by Bill Kapp
301 - Manhattan Watch Company with Notes on the Knickerbocker Watch Co.-Part 2  by Michael C. Harrold
317 - Watch Repair in America: Part Two—A Historical Census of Watchmakers by David A. Christianson
325 - Old Clock in Crofton Pumping Station by Pete Riegel
326 - The Repeater Part 4: The Repeaters of Stodgen and Breguet by Richard Watkins

259 - Call for Nominations to the Board of Directors
and to the Nominating and Elections Committee (NEC) for the 2011-2014 Term
260 - Donor Recognition - April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2010
264 - John Harrison Endowment Society
264 - 1943 Heritage Society
300 - How to Keep the Mechanical Arts Alive in a Digital Age by Joel Trenalone
314 - Technical Tidbits: Power Pegging by Stephen Nelson
323 - The First Ones
337 - A Collapsible Test Stand by Scotty Dean
339 - Research Activities and News by Snowden Taylor
351 - The National Watch and Clock Museum: News in the Archives by Judy Anttonen
351 - In Memoriam—Igor Tociapski
352 - In Memoriam—Seth Glanville Atwood
353 - In Memoriam—Albert “Lee” Smith
353 - Obituaries
354 - Horologica
356 - Vox Temporis  Letters to the Editor
359 - The Answer Box
362 - Chapter Highlights
384 - NAWCC Staff

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