2017 NAWCC Elections


NAWCC Board of Directors

Openings: Four

Term length: Four years

Leroy Baker (WI)
Robert Burton (KY)
John Cote (IN)
Robert Gary (CA)
Chris Miller (MO)
Philip Morris (AL)
Tim Orr (CO)
Micah Tasker (NH)

Two additional seats will be filled by appointment after the election.
For more information, turn to the November/December 2016 issue of the
Watch & Clock Bulletin.

NAWCC Nominating and Elections Committee

Openings: One

Term length: Four years

Jim Coulson (TN)
George Goolsby (TX)

Proposed NAWCC Bylaw Change


The NAWCC is holding its election for four seats on the Board of Directors and one seat on the Nominating and Elections Committee. All Board and NEC candidates are presented alphabetically on pages 82-89 and at nawcc.org with a photograph and a biography. The biographies were limited to 500 words and are presented with approved edits by the candidates. The candidates’ order on the ballot was determined by a random draw.

Voting opens January 13, 2017. Members for whom the NAWCC has email addresses will receive their electronic ballots that day. Members without email addresses on file should expect to receive their ballots by the end of January. All ballots, whether secure Web-based ones or print, must be received by the auditor by midnight EDT on April 1, 2017. Only ballots received by the auditor by that time will be considered. Only original ballots will be accepted; copies are not valid. The NEC recommends that you consider the following expectations of the directors:

• The Board’s primary functions are to set broad goals and directions, establish policies, and ensure management’s performance. The Executive Director oversees the NAWCC’s day-to-day operations. Directors are asked to assist fundraising efforts as agreed upon by the Board.

• The Board holds a minimum of two physical meetings a year and has electronic meetings in the intervening months. Directors are expected to participate in all meetings, do the homework to understand the NAWCC’s mission and issues, and contribute to the Board’s work by using their particular skills and resources. Board members also serve on committees, task forces, or both.

All should be willing to serve as an officer if elected. The Board needs a balance of skills and experience to function effectively. Each director should be capable of contributing visible strength and leadership to the Board through a combination of the following:

• NAWCC familiarity and service
• Professional skills in education, finance, horology, information technology, law, marketing, museum management, planning, public relations, and publishing
• Business management, particularly in complex organizations
• Board experience, particularly in complex nonprofit entities
• Community and public leadership and contacts with such leaders
• Large-scale fundraising.

In addition, each director should be good at listening, analyzing, learning, and working constructively with others individually and in groups. They should be computer literate and have access to the Internet to participate in NAWCC Board work.


Leroy Baker
Mazomanie, WI
Board Candidate

Leroy is a life member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Inc. He joined the NAWCC in 1988. He was a charter member . . . of Chapter 171 in Madison, WI. He has served as a Chapter officer for nearly 20 years and currently serves Chapter 171 as president. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Midwest Regional. He volunteers at the Midwest Regional as the preregistration chair. He also regularly volunteers at the Southern Ohio Regional and has volunteered at several National Conventions. If you attend any of these events, you have probably seen him carrying items to the front during the auctions. Leroy spent most of his professional career in the nonprofit health care industry. He has worked with several nonprofit corporations on committees and boards, including a professional society with membership numbers similar to the NAWCC. He has worked with large urban institutions and with small rural facilities. He has managed both large—$50 million—and modest—$200,000—budgets. He (has) spent the last 25 years of his professional career at an academic medical center, fulfilling (its) mission of providing education, clinical services, and community support. His goal in running for the NAWCC Board of Directors is to use his skills, knowledge, and experience to improve and prolong our Association.

Leroy has over 35 years of experience in the health care industry. He retired in 2014 as the chief technology officer at UW Health in Madison, WI, where he (managed) a talented group of experienced professionals who provided information technology design, development, and support for the institution’s clinical, financial, and administrative systems. Prior to that position, Leroy held several administrative and information technology positions at University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics. Before joining UWHC, he held positions in several other hospitals and consulting firms in Virginia, Minnesota, and Florida. Leroy has broad experience in project management, system selection, system implementation, analysis of business and technical needs, process improvement, budgeting, policy development, and management training. Leroy graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in industrial engineering and operations research. Leroy is a life member and fellow of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. He served on the nominating committee (1999) and the board of directors (2000-2003) and as a chapter officer in several chapters over the years. He was also a senior member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers and a diplomate in the Society for Health Systems. Leroy earned recognition as a Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems (CPHIMS) in 2002. Leroy currently serves on the Town of Berry Plan Commission and was a member of the Town (of Berry) Communication Committee from 2001 to 2009. Leroy has also served on the University of Wisconsin Credit Union Audit Committee since 2011.


Robert B. Burton
Louisville, KY
Board Candidate

I attended Rice University and University of Minnesota and was accepted into the DMD program at University of Louisville School of Dentistry after three years of undergraduate study. (After) graduating from ULSD in 1974, I went on active duty with the US Navy from 1974 to 1976, first at the Washington DC Navy Yard and then with the 3rd Marine Division in Okinawa, JAP. I was accepted into the periodontics specialty program at University of Kentucky College of Dentistry (and graduated) in 1978 as a periodontist. I accepted a full-time position at University of Louisville as an assistant professor in the Department of Periodontics. (I established) a private practice in 1979 and reduced my teaching at ULSD to part time for the next few years. After 35 years in private practice and 40 years in the dental profession, I retired in 2014. My wife and I have also operated an antiques business for 30-plus years, and we were also part owners of a Louisville jewelry business for a number of years. I have been a member of the NAWCC since 1983 (and belong to Bluegrass Chapter 35 and Cog Counters Chapter 194. (In Chapter 35) I was elected vice president in 2003 and president in 2005. I held this position from 2005 to 2012 and have been vice president since then. I was the general (chair) of the Bluegrass Chapter 35 Regional from 2004 to 2015. My wife, Jody, has been an NAWCC member since 1988 and the treasurer of Chapter 35 since 2004. She was also the treasurer of the July 2016 National Convention in Louisville. 

My main interest in horology is pre-1840 American clocks, but I appreciate mechanical objects, so anything clock or watch related is fair game. Growing up as a teenager in the mid-1960s, I was fascinated with English sports cars and have a very nice 1965 Austin-Healey 3000 that I have restored. (My) goals for the future of our (Association are) to stop the steady decline in our membership that we have been experiencing for many years. As a semiretired baby boomer, I see a large group of people who are either recently retired or contemplating semi or full retirement in the near future, and many of them will be looking for a new hobby or a new career, and we need to develop programs to attract them to our (Association). We also need to continue to try to attract younger members as our membership continues to age. One of the biggest challenges to our (Association) is the viability of many of our Chapters, which are suffering from declining membership (and) participation. As we approach the 75th anniversary of our (Association), I want to help it not only survive but thrive well into the future, and I ask for your support in order to do this.


John Cote
Indianapolis, IN
Board Candidate

I am the son of a watch-collecting father. My collecting addiction grew out of going with my dad on watch hunts from Manhattan, where I was born, to the Midwest, where I grew up. Dad was a member of the NAWCC and of Indiana Chapter 18 . . . . He convinced me to join in the early 1990s. I have loved the organization and worked hard at the Chapter level since. I have held just about every Chapter office, including several terms as president. (I am a Chapter 18 member).

I also served on the mart committee for the Mid-America Regional for years. I love public speaking and have given talks on collecting at many Regionals and Chapters. I graduated from Indiana University in the mid-1970s. Since then I have had a successful career in the photographic and graphic arts business. After college I started and then sold an offset printing business. Since then I have worked in sales and sales management for several Fortune 100 graphics companies, including Fuji Film and Hewlett Packard. Today, I am the North American sales manager for a Swiss company called Zünd, which manufactures CAD cutting systems for the large format graphics business. I am responsible for approximately $50 million in equipment sales and manage about half of the company’s 50-plus North American employees. My strengths as a salesman and manager are my ability to communicate and motivate. My favorite work task is to be confronted with a complex problem and to work with my team to solve it. I like to take the. . . problem and help distill it . . . to its essence, so

. . . it can be presented to the team members in such a way that they can see their roles in the solution and get to work.

The NAWCC is faced with a complicated problem today. We need to get more people (who) want to participate in our activities (and) join and support the organization. I believe that getting this to happen will involve taking into account the differing motivations people with varied interests in the horological field have. From the time I joined this organization, it was easy to see that clock people were a bit different from watch people. Today, pocket watch people are a bit different (from) wristwatch people. Today, all of these people, perhaps even us old-timers who still love the organization, have different motivations than we did 30 years ago. 

For the last five or six years, I have been a member of several wristwatch-collecting organizations, (such as) RedBar, and have written . . . for online watch publications, (such as) Hodinkee. I can tell you that there is no shortage of people, young and old, who are enthusiastic and interested enough to participate. I believe that with a new outlook, we can create a value proposition at the NAWCC for these people, and I mean clock, pocket watch, and wristwatch people.


Robert J. Gary
Camarillo, CA
Board Candidate

I have been an NAWCC member since 1999 (and) currently serve on the Development Committee and the (For All Time) Capital Campaign Committee and am chair of the Audiovisual Committee (where) I currently edit NAWCC videos. I have observed all but two online Board of Directors meetings over the past two years, and I attended in person the 2015 Board of Directors meeting in (Columbia, PA).

I am a member and membership director of Ventura & Santa Barbara County Chapter 190; member of Los Angeles Chapter 56 and British Horology Chapter 159; and I am secretary and treasurer of the Antiquarian Horological Society/USA. I have attended numerous Regionals and Nationals over the years. I have actively worked on boards and committees of the Regionals and a National (Convention).

I have had more than half a dozen articles published in the NAWCC Bulletin, Watch & Clock Bulletin, and Mart & Highlights and have had numerous articles published in Chapter 75’s former newsletter, The Regulator.

I have a bachelor of arts degree and a master’s degree. I successfully founded and operated a profitable independent business for 26 years. My goal is simple: tirelessly serve both the members of the NAWCC and the public. These groups are mutually reinforcing. Without public outreach, we will not attract new members. We must grow!

Goals I Will Pursue

Recruit new members: I will continue to vigorously recruit new members. New members are the lifeblood of this organization. While working to develop new avenues for member recruitment, I will urge the Board of Directors and the administration to identify and to reinforce those programs and services offered by the NAWCC that attract the largest percentage of new members at the lowest possible cost. 

Financial independence and stability: We must develop revenue streams other than membership fees by placing an emphasis on raising extra revenue from outside sources. This needs to be both encouraged and expanded.

Up-to-date technology: The future is in electronic media. I will help make as many programs, services, and courses as possible available online and via live streaming. The Library and the Museum must always have state-of-the-art technology to attract visitors and scholars.

Communications: As a member of the Board of Directors, I will strive to provide clear and consistent communications with the members.

The NAWCC must constantly grow to meet the needs and demands of its members, of future members, and of educating the public. With your vote, I will work diligently to both reinforce and improve this wonderful organization, the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Inc.


Chris Miller
Mexico, MO
Board Candidate

I joined the NAWCC in 1969 when I was 19. I had just opened my first watch repair shop after attending the Chicago School of Watchmaking. In 1971 my wife, Vivian, and I opened our first full-line jewelry store with watch, clock, and jewelry repair. By 1978 we were operating four jewelry stores. Then, a company bought all four stores and (since then) I have “worked at the bench” daily doing trade work.

Vivian and I have attended many National Conventions and hundreds of Regional meetings. I served as an officer in the Mid-Missouri Chapter 51. I worked at the Springfield, MO, National and (helped with) table setup and labeling at other Nationals and Regionals. My wife and I are cochairs for loading and unloading plus table setup for the 2018 National in York, PA.

I work for Tom Harris Auctions in Marshalltown, IA, answering email questions about clocks in its auctions and giving opinions on wood, finish, dials, extra holes, values, and descriptions of watch movements and cases.

I am the owner of M&M Golf Cars, LLC, since 1978, with stores in Mexico, MO; St. Louis, MO; Kansas City, MO; and Bettendorf, IA, employing 40 people. I am the president of M&M Vehicle Corp., manufacturer of special vehicles and components in Mexico, MO, employing 45 people.

I operate a 12,000-square-foot antique clock store, the Tiny Time Shop/Coke Plant Antiques, on Saturdays, and I have in stock more than 400 clocks, including alarm clocks, 3-train fuse, 8-bell brackets, and jeweler’s regulators.

My work experience managing multiple businesses, with over 100 employees at a time, gives me personnel skills.

My own business budgets, plus the (experience with) school, city, and county budgets, give me money management experience. As a (Small Business Administration) loan approval committee member, I have read many businesses’ financial statements, tax returns, (and) operating plans for many startup and/or expansion companies. The understanding of the money coming in and the money being used to benefit the members will be of interest. How to get new members (and) keep existing members is a must to keep the NAWCC healthy. Members have said to me the dues are too high. I say everything costs more than it used to. My desire would be that for the money you contribute you get good value. Remember this is your club. It only gives back what you put in.

Elected positions include the following:

• Audrain County, MO, Road District road commissioner
• Mexico, MO, School District No. 59 board member, president 8 years
• City of Mexico, MO, councilman

Community service includes the following:

• Boy Scouts of America board director
• Presbyterian Church elder
• Loan Approval Committee for the SBA of Missouri board director
• Investments Committee for the YMCA Endowment Fund board director
• Presser Performing Arts Center fundraising member
• Audrain Historical Society member
• Ingersoll Rand, Club Car, Advisory Council member for 8 years

“A living is what you earn—
A life is what you give.”
—C. Miller


Philip E. Morris Jr.
Birmingham, AL
Board Candidate

I have been a member of the NAWCC for 33 years, having joined in March 1983. Among the areas that I have been active:

• 2009-2012—Secretary and treasurer for the Cog Counters Chapter 194
• 2011—Advocate for transitioning the Cog Counters to become an NAWCC Chapter
• 2012—Present (chair) of Cog Counters Chapter 194 (>200 active members)
• 2014-2015—Editor of Cog Counters Journal
• 2011—James Arthur Lecturer at the Ward Francillon Time Symposium
• 2015—Curator and host of exhibit at the Eastern States Regional
• 2016—Invited lecturer at the 2016 NAWCC Ward Francillon Time Symposium

In 2017 (I will) curate and cohost an exhibit on Joseph Ives at the (National Convention) in Arlington, TX.

I am an active researcher in early American clock making. Over a nine-year period, I summarized my research on wooden movement clocks, which culminated in the 2011 publication of my book titled American Wooden Movement Tall Clocks: 1712-1835 (Hoover, AL: Heritage Park Publishing). Currently, I am working on a second publication on clockmaker Joseph Ives.

I have presented many lectures on early American clock making at NAWCC National and Regional meetings, symposia, (and) various NAWCC Chapters. In addition, I have provided responses and information to NAWCC members with queries to The Answer Box as well as reviewed manuscripts for the Watch & Clock Bulletin.

As a Board member, I will listen to your concerns and will always do what I believe is in the best interest of our members. Issues that are of particular importance to me are the Association’s lack of younger members, building a strong financial base for the Organization that ensures it will be around in the future, and maintaining our world-class Library and Museum.

I am a 1983 graduate of Birmingham Southern College with a BS in chemistry and a 1988 graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a PhD in synthetic organic chemistry. I have spent a significant percentage of my professional career working in the pharmaceutical industry developing novel therapeutics for the treatment of cancer and viral diseases. These studies have resulted in more than 45 publications and patents. Over the past seven years, I have shifted my focus to the area of controlled-release drug formulation and presently work in this area as a senior project manager. I maintain ties with the University of Alabama at Birmingham and currently serve as a board member for the Deep South Center for Occupational Health and Safety.

I also have (had an) interest in early automobiles and have restored a 1925 Model T touring car. I am a member of the Model T Ford Club of America as well as the Dixie Antique car club.

I am married to Dr. Michele L. Morris and have two daughters, Laura Grusin [Adam] and Melissa Morris, as well as a grandson Elijah (26 months old).


Tim Orr
Boulder, CO
Board Candidate

Running for a second term on the NAWCC Board of Directors, Tim Orr has served the NAWCC at the National, Regional, and Chapter level for nearly a quarter of a century.

Originally a rubber and plastics chemist, Tim switched careers and spent the bulk of his career in radio, TV, film, advertising, and marketing. He is (chair) of the NAWCC Membership Committee (and) was made a Fellow in 2011.

As president of Dixie Chapter 16 in Nashville, TN, for many years, Tim also was actively involved in the Mid-South Regional, serving as registration chair in 2004, introducing online registration and credit card payment for attendees, long before such things became common. He was general chair for the Mid-South Regional in 2010.

As a result of his work on several Mid-South Regional meetings, Jim and Renee Coulson asked Tim to be principal editor of the new NAWCC Regional Meeting Guide, released in 2011 and used by NAWCC Regional meeting organizers throughout the country.

Tim served as publicity chair for the 2007 and 2014 NAWCC National Conventions in Chattanooga, TN, two of the most successful in recent history, and was the informal “official” photographer for the 2016 NAWCC National Convention in Louisville, KY. Tim organized the Electro-Mechanical Timekeeping exhibit at the 2016 Rocky Mountain Regional.

Tim maintains his membership in Nashville’s Chapter 16 and currently resides in Boulder, CO, where he is a member of (Colorado) Chapter 21 in Denver, (Boulder Horological Society) Chapter 160 in Boulder, and (Colorado Centennial) Chapter 100 in Colorado Springs.

Tim also applied his marketing skills in helping to create NAWCC member recruitment materials, including the new member brochure, a membership recruitment direct mail campaign, and a successful membership recruitment program that operates in cooperation with NAWCC parts, tools, and materials suppliers.

If reelected, Tim promises to continue to work on the vital issues of new member recruitment and a secure financial future for the Association.


Micah Tasker
Milton, NH
Board Candidate

Having been a casual watch collector from the early 1980s after (more than) 20 years of scouring the occasional yard sale, antiques store, or auction to come up with a new treasure, I started to become more serious about collecting and seeking out new venues and joined the NAWCC in 2006. I think that my experience, up to this point, is important for many reasons; the two most important (are) (1) I sought out the NAWCC . . . it did not come looking for me, and (2) I did so in the middle of the Internet revolution. I think both of these details are important in my run for the Board.

During my journey as a watch collector, I spent 30 years in the retail automobile industry with the last 5-½ years as a sales and compliance trainer to dealer management teams, working for the largest Honda dealer in the (United States). My time in the car business taught me that people buy (anything) when value exceeds price! Since leaving the auto industry I have started and run my own business, The Vintage Watch Man, and I am currently in my second term as president of (the Greater Massachusetts) Chapter 87.

I have heard it said that collectors are a dying breed, including watch and clock collectors. Living in New Hampshire with the Jones and Horan and R. O. Schmitt auctions, both with worldwide audiences, I believe tells a different story. Channel surfing on television, I often stumble across one channel or the other selling Invicta watches—someone is buying them. Most telling to me, I pay $50 a year to subscribe to Watch Time Magazine that has over 600,000 monthly readers. If 600,000 are willing to pay $50 a year just to read a watch magazine, think of the value they could see in the NAWCC if we explain it to them!

I would like to start by making it perfectly clear that I do not want to be critical of the NAWCC or its current or past leadership. The people who have brought us to this point are the people who provided me with a group that I think is invaluable in the world of watch and clock collecting. I do think that in the past, if you were a serious collector, (the) NAWCC was the only game in town, so the NAWCC was never focused on marketing, or the value it brings to collectors. I believe that must change.

In summary, I see a time of great opportunity for the NAWCC. Seeing collectors driving record-breaking prices in both watches and clocks and with watch companies from Invicta to Rolex breaking sales records, we know interest is there. We simply need to find these buyers, reach out to them, and show them the value that the NAWCC can bring to them. I would like to ask for your vote for the Board to help make that happen.


James H. Coulson
Coltewah, TN
NEC Candidate

I am a candidate for the Nominations and Election Committee (NEC) of the NAWCC, Inc. I joined the NAWCC in 1968, and I will be a 50-year member during the NAWCC’s 75th “birthday” in 2018. I am a firm believer that you get out of it what you put into it. As a result, I have been active at all levels of the NAWCC, and I am honored to be a Star Fellow. The following is a summary of my involvement.

Participation at Chapter Level

• Chapter 42 President
• Chapter 42 Vice-President
• Chapter 134 Secretary/Treasurer
• Numerous program presentations
at many Chapters
Participation at Regional Level
• Chaired Mid-South Regional
• (Cochair) of 2017 Mid-South
Regional with wife Renee
• Chaired numerous committees
for Mid-South Regionals
• Numerous program presentations

Participation at National Level

• National President 1993-1995
• Council Member
• Board Member
• Museum Trustee Member
• Editorial Committee Member
• Chair, Mart Committee
• Chair, Convention Committee
• Chair, Nominations and Elections Committee
• (Cochair) 2007 National Convention in Chattanooga
with wife Renee
• Budget Chair, 2016 National Convention
• Board of Trustees, Willard House and Museum
• 2016 National Speaker

Professionally, I have a PhD from the University of Illinois in civil engineering. In my professional life I managed hydro engineering for the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). The department of 140 handled all engineering and design for the construction, modification, operation, and maintenance for TVA’s dams, locks, and bridges.

The NEC’s responsibility is to seek candidates for the Board. Those who serve on the Board have the future of the NAWCC in their hands. They must have appropriate employment experience, participation in the functions of the NAWCC, and a deep-rooted love for the NAWCC and all it represents. I would appreciate your vote. If elected, I will work diligently to find candidates (who) will complement the goals of the NAWCC and its members.


George Goolsby
Houston, TX
NEC Candidate

I am seeking a position on our Nominating and Elections Committee. I have been a member of the NAWCC for almost 40 years. I retired as a lawyer whose 38-year practice focused on large international hydrocarbon transportation systems in North and South America, the Caribbean, West Africa, and the southern republics of the former Soviet Union. For the past four years, I have been a member of the Association’s Board of Directors and serve as the chair of both the Development Committee and the For All Time 75th Anniversary Endowment and Capital Campaign. I am a longtime member of the San Jacinto Chapter 139 and I am the vice president of the Cog Counters Chapter 194.

At our last National Convention, I was honored to become a Fellow in our wonderful Organization. I am running for a seat on our Nominating and Elections Committee, because I enjoy working to better our Association and because Ruth Overton, a dear friend and very effective former Board chair, asked me to.

Why is that important? Because while some people do volunteer, more of us want to be asked. I earlier joined the Board and became chair of the For All Time Campaign for similar reasons: I enjoy working to better our Organization and I was asked to take these leadership positions by people I know and respect.

Our Association has always included many hardworking members who are willing to help. But when volunteers don’t step forward, someone must be willing to ask for that help. In my role as chair of the For All Time Campaign, I’ve been busy asking members and friends for money. It seems only fitting that I become an active participant in the Committee’s effort to identify and seek out those who are willing and able to be our national leaders as we approach the 75th anniversary of the founding of the NAWCC.

Proposed NAWCC Bylaw Change

This proposal changes the current requirements for candidates seeking positions on the NAWCC Board and the
Nominating and Elections Committee.

The following revision will be added to the 2017 Official Ballot:

To replace Bylaw ARTICLE III-Committees, Section 2-Standing
Committees, (g) Nominating and Elections Committee with the

3. The NEC shall ensure there are at least two more candidates
than open elected Director positions and two candidates for
the elected NEC position to complete the slate of candidates

This change would mean that in an election with four Board
positions there would only need to be a minimum of six candidates
(four positions plus two) versus the current minimum of
eight candidates (two per position times four positions). There
is no change in the number of candidates for the elected NEC

—Bylaws and Procedures chair Mary Ann Wahlner (AZ)



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