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Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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99 – Contemporary Soviet Timepieces by Benjamin J. Novak
110 – A Ball Clock by O. B. Frye
112 – Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage by Henry K. Voigt
116 – How to Examine and Adjust the Recoil Escapement by David S. Goodman
121 – The Collecting of Watches Part 5 by Peyton Autry
125 – The James Remindo Timer Clock by Joe Bartels
126 – Gilbert’s Bellwood Musical Clock by E. K. Crossman
128 – Crane Followed in Harrison’s Footsteps by E. F. Wale
131 – An American Masterpiece by Kenneth H. Sposato
132 – Tidbits from J. E. Coleman by James W. Gibbs
137 – Is Your Pendulum Bob in Good Shape? by Charles K. Aked
147 – Silk Screening by Jim West
153 – A Drill for Sheet Metal by W. R. Smith
156 – Watches and Clocks in Boston, 1760-1831 by Robert S. Edwards
162 – The M-M Lathe by David S. Goodman
163 – A Watch Workshop, Part 1 by Warren H. Niebling
164 – Research Activities and News
174 – NAWCC Program Committee
176 – Necrology
176 – Call to Meeting
177 – The Watch & Clock Museum of the NAWCC
180 – Library News
180 – NAWCC Award Recipients
181 – 1989 NAWCC Seminar: A Recap of Events by Robert S. Edwards
182 – Dates To Remember
183 – What Is a National Convention? by Nick Bonura
184 – 1990 NAWCC Crafts Competition by Art Bjornestad
186 – Patently Unique
187 – Timely Voices
197 – Executive Director’s Digest
198 – The Answer Box
204 – Book Reviews
207 – Chapter Highlights
222 – Chapter Officers
224 – National Officers and Staff
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