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Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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872 – Another Barns, Bartholomew & Company Clock by Dr. Joseph G. Baier
884 – The Destruction of a Watch by Darrell D. McKibbin
901 – A Clock Collector’s Watch Display Case by A. Bruce Burns
914 – The Watch Company of Fitchburg, Massachusetts by Frederick Mudge Selchow
878 – How to Identify Clocks by Their Movement Characteristics by J. R. Balt
934 – Escapement Checks by M. C. Hall
860 – Equation of Time by Leonard Paller
888 – Franklin Did It Again! by James W. Gibbs
896 – Convention Promotion
904 – Greenwich Mean Time submitted by G. J. Blickley
909 – Book Review
922 – Library Committee Pages
926 – Imre Kalincsak and the Riverside Sundial as told to Robert Shipley
930 – Clocks by the Pound! by E. H. Parkhurst Jr.
932 – A “Mystery Hour-Glass” by Henry B. Fried
935 – Answer Box
942 – Vox Temporis
945 – New Members
957 – Chapter Activities

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