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On the Clock- Changing the Industrialized World
 April 25th through December 2015
on the clock

On the Clock: Changing the Industrialized World opens at the National Watch and Clock Museum to the public on April 25. Time recorders from Edward J. Watkins and pieces from the Museum’s collection will highlight the important advancements in labor in the United States.


Beginning in the late nineteenth century the National Labor Relations Act protected the rights of employees and employers, and the Fair Labor Standards Act outlined minimum wage, overtime pay, record keeping, and youth employment standards. The exhibit also highlights the first time-recording companies, the typical workday in the nineteenth century, labor unions, and the possibilities the future workday may hold.

Museum Curator Kim Jovinelli, who joined us in December, debuts with the On the Clock exhibit. Kim shares, “I am excited to give the public a glimpse into something many of us have to do on a daily basis and what exactly had to happen to get us to this point. Having a job is an integral part of survival in the modern era. This is a look back at history, an examination of the present, and a look forward to the not too distant future.”


On the Clock is sponsored by the E. G. Watkins Family Foundation.



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