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Candidates for Board of Directors – Four-Year Term
Your voting ballot will arrive by regular mail in early February.
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Chester "Chet" Ekstrand
(Kent, WA)

       Tim Orr
Nashville, TN

Ken Hogwood
Port Orange, FL

      Ruth Overton
Carthage, MO

Gary Landis
Pell City, AL

      Gene Volk
Lake Toxaway, NC

Richard Newman
DeKalb, IL

      Jonathan Weber
Nashua, NH


Candidates for The Nominating and Elections Committee

Fred Ingram
Jackson, MS
           C. David Collard
Houston, TX


For NAWCC Director
Chester “Chet” Ekstrand (Kent, WA)

I have been a member of NAWCC since 2004 and am a member of Chapters 50 and 135, where I have served for several years as vice-president and, subsequently, secretary. Having been a professional pilot involved in design, training, and flight test of jet transports, as a young man I developed a fascination with and a passion for fine timepieces. I then inherited my grandfather’s pocket watch, a South Bend, “The Studebaker,” which stimulated my interest in fine vintage timepieces. This led to what has become a rather large collection of early American, railroad and fine European timepieces, in addition to some nice clocks (which hang proudly in our home).
I recently retired from Boeing after a more than 40-year career, during much of which I served as a vice-president. I have led large organizations and, in later years, was responsible for Boeing’s technical and regulatory relationship with governments globally. In this role, I represented the company on numerous significant issues and worked with U.S. government officials, including those elected to Congress and serving in Cabinet-level positions, and have testified before Congress.
In every respect, I have been delighted with the professionalism and dedication of NAWCC at the National level. Yet we continue to shrink in size and, as a result, face challenges to maintain the viability of some chapters and sustain the resources available in support of our membership.
In this rapidly changing world we are challenged in our ability to communicate with and attract young people, many of whom seem to eschew human contact in favor of communication by means of text messages and may not even wear a watch!
Yet there is a robust segment of the industry that produces timepieces of astounding quality.The people who buy or just appreciate these timepieces will be those who, like me, bought a precious Elgin at an early age, marveled at its contribution to both art and science, and were proud to wear it on their wrist!I believe such people would delight in developing a relationship with a community that understands that unbelievable levels of mechanical accuracy, similar to those of today’s fine timepieces, were achieved well over 100 years ago!Our challenge is to find ways to communicate with, support, and join together with these people in this rapidly changing world.
I am not under any illusion that I, as a senior citizen, well understand the views and attitudes of today’s younger people, but I feel a passion for the art and science of timekeeping is a tie that can still connect us and that will present opportunities to sustain us into the future.
My success as a Boeing executive was a function of my ability and willingness to develop understanding of and respond in a meaningful way to those who view the world differently. I’d like a chance to help address such challenges in the horological world and, subsequently, help shape NAWCC in a way that responds to the changing needs and interests of our community of the future.


For NAWCC Director
Ken Hogwood (Port Orange, FL)

My name is Ken Hogwood. I am running for the NAWCC Board of Directors.
With my successful business background, I feel I can contribute my experience in finance and budgeting as well as serving you “our members.” I would be honored to serve on the Board of Directors, and I ask for your vote.
Our association is experiencing declining membership resulting in declining revenue, while our fixed expenses and discretionary spending escalate. It is the duty of our elected Board to find solutions to this problem in order to stop and reverse this trend. We must have realistic goals, a realistic budget, and operate this organization like a business, not a hobby, or our organization will pass into history.
My goals as a member of the Board will be to strongly support the current “new member” drive, seek to expand public awareness of the NAWCC as an association, a library, and a museum, and seek new ways to find extra revenue instead of simply raising dues for our members. Raising the dues is a “tax and spend” solution that is not popular with our members and is not a long-term solution to our revenue problems. I will work to change this situation and help our organization grow stronger.


I started my antique clock collection in 1975. I joined the NAWCC and Chapter 154 in 1999.  My involvement in the NAWCC and regional activities increased when I joined Tennessee Valley Chapter 42 and Atlanta Chapter 24, which are very active chapters.
After joining Chapter 42 in 2006, I served as exhibit chair, co-exhibit chair, roadshow chair, and other volunteer positions at Mid-South Regionals.
On the National level, I presented a lecture on American Carriage Clocks at the 2012 Ward Francillon Time Symposium. I will serve as the exhibit chair for the 2015 National in Chattanooga, TN.  I have contributed one article to the NAWCC W&C Bulletin and have another article awaiting publication.
Locally, I am currently vice-president and program chair for Chapter 42, and I have presented many programs at the chapter level.
My main horological interest is in collecting carriage clocks. I enjoy horological research and sharing my knowledge with others in lectures, programs, and articles.
The bulk of my carriage clock collection and library will be bequeathed to the NAWCC upon my death. I see this as another way of helping the NAWCC financially, as this will be an unrestricted bequest.


My wife Beauton and I have been married for 37 years, and we have three grown children and five grandchildren. We are Florida residents with a home in Port Orange, FL, where we spend six months each year. We enjoy our second home on Tellico Lake in Greenback, TN, and spend our summers there. I am a member of First Presbyterian Church of Greenback.
I was born and raised in Chattanooga, TN, but spent most of my working years in the Memphis, TN, area. While living in Chattanooga, I served with the Tennessee National Guard for 5 ½ years.
I am a businessman, having owned and operated three successful businesses while living in the Memphis, TN, area. My last business, Metro Electrical Sales, Inc., received national honors as “Sales Agency of the Year” several times. I sold this company in 1991 and moved to Florida. I remain president and board chair of my fourth company, KBH, Inc., a commercial real estate holding company.
I was a member, president, and vice-president of the Sertoma Club in Memphis, TN.
In Florida, I was active for several years with Habitat for Humanity and served as a construction foreman. I served as vice-president of the Master Board of our 572 member Homeowner’s Association. During my two-year tenure, we never raised association dues, and expenses came in under budget.
Again, I would be honored to represent you, our members, on the Board of Directors, and ask for your vote.

For NAWCC Director
Gary Landis (Pell City, AL)

Goals for the NAWCC
• Continue to promote clock and watch collecting to the public at large.
• Instill in the public curiosity of the history, beauty, and relativity of time.
• Market the NAWCC Library and Museum.
• Open our events to the public.
• Continue to educate the youth about horology.

Achievements and Related Activities

• Member of NAWCC Board of Directors – 4 years
• NAWCC Secretary – 2 years
• NAWCC Member – 40 years
• Member of Cog Counters Chapter 194
• Member of Alabama Chapter 54

Landis is a Ph.D. and has been a process control expert and operating manager for large corporations, including Unisys and General Motors. He now runs his own business in management education and consulting, as well as an antique business specializing in clocks. Currently, he is supporting the U.S. Army Depot with an army contract regarding training and consulting for the new LMP system (Logistics Modernization Program). Dr. Landis has been very active in a 50,000-member international operations management association (APICS), including service as president and a member of the Strategic Planning Committee.

Horological Interests

• Personal collection – 900 clocks, 250 watches
• Owner of the Landis Antique Mall, specializing in clocks and clock restoration, for over 24 years
• Ancestors bought Ansel Merrill’s clock facility in Ohio and converted it to a house, where four generations of family lived. I have two grandfather clocks from his 1828 factory.

Personal Information

Gary A. Landis, president of G. A. Landis Associates, has over 25 years’ experience in various types of management, as a consultant, practitioner, and educator. His company provides both consulting and education in ERP, MRP II, JIT, and a variety of computer systems applications. His ability to help facilitate successful closed-loop systems in manufacturing environments has resulted in Class A systems installations. His company also evaluates software and assists client companies in the selection process.
G. A. Landis Associates has developed courses in Advanced Supply Chain Management and has assisted companies in their implementation.
As a manufacturing consultant at Unisys Corporation, Gary provided education and guidance in the design and implementation of online, integrated, manufacturing control systems. Prior to his consulting positions, he served in management positions with Clow Corporation, Allis-Chalmers, Joy Manufacturing, and General Motors. During his career, Gary has been responsible for installing and operating MRP-related systems in single and multi-plant environments. His operating experience includes purchasing, distribution, inventory control, logistics, and both general and production management.
Gary holds both BS and MBA degrees from Kent State University and a doctorate from the University of Alabama. He has taught a variety of courses at five universities in past years. He served on the faculty at Auburn University and was involved in the development of an MS and Ph.D. program in Operations Management.
Gary served APICS as international president, board of directors, foundation, and the editorial review board of the P&IM Journal. He is certified at the Fellow level in Production and Inventory Management (CFPIM), in Integrated Resource Management (CIRM), and is a Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP). He holds the designation of APICS Master Instructor for CPIM and CSCP and Associate Instructor for Lean Manufacturing and Global Sourcing. Gary was the International APICS Conference Chairman for APICS 50th anniversary in 2007.

For NAWCC Director
Richard Newman (DeKalb, IL)

I joined the NAWCC 20 years ago, encouraged by my father. Now I am the father hoping to pass on the legacy to my 15-year-old son. We are all aware of the challenges NAWCC faces—declining membership, poorly managed finances, a confusing website, and inconsistent leadership. However, I prefer to take this time to talk about our many opportunities.

For example, we need:
(1) To better manage the experience members have on our website and increase revenue from the thousands of visitors we get each month;
(2) A plan to promote our world-class museum and make it more accessible to members and the public; and
(3) To figure out the right balance of income and expenditures without raising dues.

However, to do anything well we need to elect a capable Board that will work together to move our organization forward. I believe my skills and experience can help do just that.
Many of you know me through articles I have published in the W&C Bulletin, and as president of Chapter 159, advisor to Chapter 3, and as a member of Cog Counters, Pocket Horology, and the Antiquarian Horology Society. I have a Master of Business Administration Degree and 30 years of business experience. I am a vice- president for JPMorgan and have run information technology departments, developed new product offerings from scratch, and have led large and complex projects in many countries, including England, Canada, Switzerland, and throughout the Middle East. My experiences have taught me how to analyze situations quickly, create effective working teams, develop strategies and tactics to succeed, and manage core business functions, including budgets and capital investments, vendor proposals and contracts, and brand promotion and product marketing campaigns.
Additionally, I serve on the Board of Executive Advisors for Northern Illinois University College of Business, a team composed of volunteer business leaders from across the country who provide strategic and tactical guidance on dozens of revenue-producing and quality-improvement initiatives.
If elected, I promise to listen to your concerns and advice, and I will devote the time and energy needed to address our challenges and our opportunities. Want to talk now? Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . I want to help and would very much appreciate your vote.


For NAWCC Director
Tim Orr (Nashville, TN)

We stand at a critical point in NAWCC history. If we continue as we have, we will continue to lose members, continue to lose horological skills and knowledge, and continue to convert NAWCC into an exclusive group of elderly, wealthy horologists.
 As a director, I promise to make increasing membership—and targeting younger members —a priority.
 I promise to end reliance on raising dues as a way to solve financial problems.
 I promise to create programs to honor members who possess priceless horological skills and knowledge and to enable them to pass those skills and that knowledge on to our membership.
 As a member of NAWCC for over 20 years, I have served the association as a member volunteer, chapter president, and recently, as an NAWCC Fellow.
 I proposed and co-organized the first Chapter 16 “Roadshow” event in Nashville, a tradition that continues and has become an integral part of the Mid-South Regional.
 In 2004 as Mid-South Regional registration chair, I implemented online registration and credit card payments for that regional for the first time. In 2007 I served as publicity chair for the NAWCC National Convention, one of the most successful in recent years.
 In 2010 I revised and updated the Regional Convention Handbook. As a member of the Membership Committee, I am working on marketing NAWCC to prospective members. And most recently, I have agreed to serve as publicity chair for the 2015 National Convention.
 In my professional life, I spent four decades in advertising, marketing, and public relations work—skills I want to continue to apply in NAWCC service.
I ask for your support as we take NAWCC down a new path. We can do this. We must do this. We must increase membership, reduce the average age of members, reduce our dependence on dues, and preserve the knowledge and skills of our members. By doing these things, we will ensure a bright future for NAWCC.

For NAWCC Director
Ruth Overton (Carthage, MO)

I am seeking re-election to the NAWCC Board of Directors and am asking for your support. I was seated as a Board member in June 2009 and served the first two years of my term as Board Secretary. I am now serving the last six months of two years as Chair of the NAWCC Board of Directors.

Going Forward

When I was elected Board Chair in June 2011 at the Overland Park National Convention, the Board put into place three task force committees to study some very important problems confronting the NAWCC’s ability to move into the future as a world leader in the preservation and study of the art and science of horology. We are pleased that some very important progress has been made in our education endeavors, stabilizing membership decline, and financial stability. But only the foundations have been laid. Much more long detailed work must move forward if we are to accomplish the goals set forth in June 2011. I want to continue to be part of this very important progress.

NAWCC Experience

I will celebrate 40 years as a NAWCC member in March 2013. NAWCC has been a very important part of my life from the moment I joined. I have served as a chapter officer in several capacities in Chapter 15 and Chapter 57 in this 40-year span. Currently, I serve as secretary/treasurer/newsletter editor for Chapter 57 in addition to serving as Chair of the NAWCC Board of Directors. I will not even try to list all the committees I have served on for regionals over the past years. I served as convention coordinator for the San Antonio National Convention, co-mart chair for Oklahoma City National, and assisted the general chair for the Overland Park National. But the greatest honor of all was co-chairing the Springfield National Convention with my husband  Hugh.
I received my Fellow Award in 1999 at the Houston National with many of my Texas friends present. My Silver Star Fellow Award was presented to me at the Springfield National. It was a great climax to the national convention for me. I am a proud member of the NAWCC 1943 Heritage Society, the John Harrison Endowment Society, and a Silver Recruiter.

Related Experience

My business background is in accounting, serving 17 years as controller and corporate secretary of a large watchmakers and jewelers supply company with a home office based in Dallas, TX. Hugh and I founded Southwest Clock Supply in 1974. This has given us the opportunity to encourage many to join NAWCC. Even though we have downsized our business activities in the past few years, we still attend approximately twelve regionals and the national convention every year.
If I am fortunate enough to be re-elected to the Board, I will be totally dedicated to moving the goals set in June 2011 forward to success. Thank you for your consideration. And a special “thank you” for the opportunity you have given me the past four years serving on the Board.

For NAWCC Director
Gene Volk (Lake Toxaway, NC)

NAWCC Activities
• National Director 2009 - 2013
• Silver Star Fellow & Lifetime Member
• National Director 1995 - 1999
• General Chair 2003 National  Convention Charlotte, NC
• Past President of Chapters 17  and 126
• Past Chair National Convention Committee
• Past Chair National Program Committee
• Author of several Bulletin articles
• Speaker at National, Regional, and Chapter Meetings
• Teaches Clock Repair and Restores Clocks
• Chair of Committee that Developed the Registration Program
• Initiated National Speakers Bureau       
• Initiated and set up Museum Tower Clock Display
• Initiated post-Council Meeting Newsletter in MART


BS Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University
MS Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University
Post Graduate studies at Harvard University,
University of Michigan and University of Tennessee

Why I am a Candidate

During the last four years, many attempts have been made to approve a balanced budget in which the annual expenses do not exceed the income without depleting our minimum reserves. The current Board does not agree with this objective and continues to expend our reserves. During the coming four years we must move to a solid balanced budget approach.
Core Value changes that you, as members, need and deserve include:
• Approving a balanced budget without using reserves
• Opening all aspects of Board meetings to the Membership
• Eliminate the requirement that some Committee Chairs must be National Directors
• Eliminate forcing chapters to be pawns within the National Master Plan for income purposes
• National Conventions need to benefit members, not to raise money for National
• Trying to change our Hobby Organization into a Professional Society
• Treating Committee volunteers with the respect they deserve
• Delete requirement that five National Directors must be appointed not elected
As an elected National Director, I will continue my effort to correct the core value problem areas. We have made some progress, and if the right Directors are elected, our progress will continue. Some of the good changes which have been made are:
• Closing the School of Horology due to significant financial loss
• Open some parts of electronic meetings to the membership; more is needed
• Requiring cost to be a consideration in assigning Regional Representatives
• Improving the Electronic Meeting Procedure; more is needed

I will do my best to see to it that all members and chapter voices are heard and our direction is changed.
As an experienced NAWCC National Director and an experienced Engineering Division Director of a Major Engineering Corporation, I feel confident that my skills are those needed to change the direction and make NAWCC the Hobby organization it needs to be. The experience I gained while serving both as president and as treasurer of other non-profit organizations enhances my qualifications for serving on the NAWCC Board of Directors.
My wife Barbara and I retired to Lake Toxaway, NC, in 1986 and have been very active in our community functions as well as enjoying all aspects of mountain living.
I believe, with your help, I have the experience, time, energy, and knowledge to resolve the problems currently facing NAWCC.
Your support and vote will be appreciated.

For NAWCC Director
Jonathan Weber
(Nashua, NH)

My interest in NAWCC Board membership is about securing the next generation of watch and clock enthusiasts. Since I joined the NAWCC I have usually been one of the younger members. When I was in my late twenties, this was amusing, but now that I am in my late sixties, it’s a little alarming.

Growing the Association
My experience has been that attracting younger members is very difficult at the local level, although many related organizations, such as wristwatch organizations, seem to be able to attract younger members to events. I do not claim to know the answer to this but I want to learn and to do outreach. I believe there are a lot of enthusiasts of high-end watches and clocks whom we should have as members.
Another issue we face is maintaining our collections. My experience with professional repair people is that they are a vanishing trade. The surviving makers are limiting availability of parts, making the future of the independent watch and clock repair trade very questionable. We need to find ways to maintain these skills, perhaps through the encouragement of part-time or post-retirement vocations.
My experience with the NAWCC School of Horology was very rewarding; I could not have attained the skills I have without it, but I was nowhere near the level I needed when I left the School. I would like to explore short but deep courses designed to develop specific skills, such as turning balance staffs.
I also believe basic watch and clock making skills are valuable to contemporary industry involving micro assembly and manipulation, such as electronic parts. Perhaps we can offer courses based at the School suited to this and attract watch and clock enthusiasts from the people we train.

NAWCC Interests and Contributions

My own interests are centered on the development of precision mechanical and electronic timekeeping. I am interested in American railroad watches. I am also very interested in timing trials and school watches as well as precision pendulum clocks.
I enjoy sharing what I know with anyone who has an interest. I have written several articles for the Watch and Clock Bulletin. These have covered rediscovery of types of presentation watches, the history of Waltham model naming, and techniques of restoration.
My engineering career has led to my moving many times, so I have been a member of many chapters and related organizations. I was program chair and vice-president of Long Island Chapter 88.
I have been a frequent speaker at chapter meetings and through the Speakers Bureau.
I am currently still working but expect to retire this year and to be able to devote much more time to organizational activities.
Personal Background
I have been married for over 45 years to my wife Jane and we have three children, who are now married, and two grandchildren and a third on the way.
My education includes a Bachelor of Science in physics from the University of Rochester and a PhD, also in physics, from Clark University.
My career has primarily been in engineering starting in sales support and eventually to systems engineering and architecture. I have designed some sensor systems and equipment to test the performance of existing systems. I have six U.S. and international patents with several more in process.

Candidates for The Nominating and Elections Committee

For Nominating and Elections Committee
Fred Ingram (Jackson, MS)

Fred Ingram joined NAWCC in 1975. He is life member No. 1 and is a Star Fellow. As a member of three chapters, with Chapter 41 being his home chapter, he has been active at the chapter, regional, and national levels. He served 12 years on Council as a director and an officer and was NAWCC President from 1991 to 1993. He has served on the Ways and Means, Convention, and Nominating Committees as a member and chair. He has been practicing medicine for 40 years and has been in private practice for the past 33, actively involved in managing the practice in a changing environment. He has been married for 45 years and has three adult children and three grandchildren. His activities outside the practice are centered in the church, where he has been teaching Bible study for eight years and is chair of the Missions Committee. For the past 10 years he has been active in medical missions overseas. NAWCC has seen a lot of changes over the past 37 years. As an officer he always considers the financial integrity of the Association to be of utmost importance. He would be honored to serve NAWCC on the Nominating and Elections Committee.

For Nominating and Elections Committee
C. David Collard (Houston, TX)

C. David Collard, MD, MS, is Professor and Chief of the Greater Houston Health Network and the Texas Heart Institute at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital. David served as an NAWCC Director on the Board for two consecutive terms between 2005 and 2011, and was the Board Vice Chair during his last term. David has also served on the Museum, Development, and Education Committees. An avid collector of Vienna Regulators, David has lectured at multiple regionals, including the Ward Francillon Time Symposium. In addition to practicing medicine, David has a Certificate in Business Administration and is an editor of the major scientific journal for his discipline. Married for 27-plus years, David has two daughters and lives in Houston with his wife and two dachshunds.


Download a printable PDF document of the above candidate biographies.




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