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Instructor: Bill Knaak

Workshop Fee:

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Non NAWCC Member

$300 + $82 fee


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Contact Pam Tischler at

972-612-0712 or

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Course Location:

Shalimar, FL
Sponsoring Chapter: 96
Coordinator: Gary Combs

Introduction to Chime Clocks


This course introduces the student to chiming clocks, with spring powered or with simple weight driven wall and floor clock movements. F103 contains more hands-on practice and assembly time because the prerequisite courses have prepared the student with an abundance of repair procedures
certainly applicable here. Complicated floor standing weight driven clock movements with tubular or bell chime are not for this class and will not be accepted. A student may have time to work on more than one clock during these four-days. We do not recommend Hermle, Urgos & Kininger movements because the manufacturer does not always recommend they be repaired. Clocks must have pendulums; floating balance type escapem
ents are not permitted.

Prerequisite: F101 & F102. If the perspective F103 student has not completed F101 & F102, they should not apply for this course.


Procedures Covered in F103
Chime clock introduction
Why disassemble a chime clock?
Common chime clock repair problems
Chime melodies: Westminster hammer sequences initiated by the pin barrel.
Westminster melody
Identify the major chime train components and explain functional operation.
Instructor to explain chime and strike train operation & uniqueness of each clock in class.
Student to study their clock and understand the chime and strike operation
Student to make sketch of movement before disassembly.
Disassemble all components from back plate.
Disassemble all components from front plate.
Separate plates and sort components according to train
Clean movement
Remove mainsprings from spring barrels
Clean mainsprings
Repair spring barrel bushing and polish winding arbor
Install mainspring in spring barrel
Disassembly, cleaning and care of winding drum or sprocket
Assembly of winding drum and cable or sprocket and cable
Student to repair movement components as taught in F101 & F102
Tips on identifying chime clock components

The instructor to identify and discuss function of components of each movement
Practice assembly of the wheels in each of the three trains
Assemble all chime, time & strike train components between plates
Oil all chime, time & strike trains
Assemble front & back plate chime components and test
Assemble the strike train and test
Review recoil and deadbeat escapement operations
Set up clock on a stand
Set clock beat and test




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