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Museum Exhibits

Journey through the history and science of time at the beautiful National Watch and Clock Museum. Experience a fun and fascinating trip into the world of timekeeping, represented by over 12,000 treasures of time. With exhibits ranging from early sundials to modern marvels, both the curious visitor and collector will delight in an amazing variety of clocks and watches from around the world.

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From the moment you enter the beautiful rotunda, you will see why thousands of visitors from around the world have come to experience North America's largest collection of timekeeping artifacts, including an eleven-foot-tall French Statue clock, enchanting German musical clocks, and the Engle monumental clock (pictured below) with forty-eight moving figures. In addition to viewing the Museum's extensive collection of timepieces, visitors will also be able to enjoy many graphics and murals depicting and describing the science and art of timekeeping.

Museum Exhibits
Museum Exhibits

Beginning in the Museum's first gallery, visitor's will journey through the centuries, from ancient timekeeping at Stonehenge to a watch factory with 19th and 20th century machinery. Visitors of all ages will enjoy strolling through the many diverse exhibits and will discover the fun of hands-on learning at the Museum's interactive displays.

From time-telling by early pocket sundials to the latest in moonphase wristwatches, the National Watch and Clock Museum experience is always changing...So don't let too much time pass before you return!


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