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Please review Understanding the Index (below) to use this index. All content is accessible to members-only through the Past Issues page in the Watch & Clock Bulletin menu.
PLEASE SEE PAGE NUMBER NOTE BELOW to access Bulletin volumes 1 through 30.

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PLEASE SEE PAGE NUMBER NOTE BELOW to access Bulletin volumes 1 through 30.

Understanding the Index

Each indexed item is made up of six entries in the following categories:
Primary    Secondary    Class    Volume Number    Whole Number    Page Number

Explanation of categories
1.    Primary – Primary subject or the person being referenced.

2.    Secondary – Additional information about the entry. This field may contain abbreviations, such as “clkmkr” for clockmakers. "IL" followed by a number in this category refers to the number of illustrations.

3.    Class – A one- or two-letter code that describes the primary entry, as follows:
A – Author    P – Personality
C – Clockmaker    S – Subject
O – Other    W – Watchmaker
One of the following letters may follow a code letter listed above:
R – Book Review
X – Brief mention only.

4.    Bulletin Volume Number – 1 through 52

5.    Bulletin Whole Number – 1 through 389
901 through 920: Supplements 1 through 20 (see below)
991 through 995: Supplements A through E (see below)

6.    Page Number – With the exception of Bulletin Whole Numbers 1 through 30 (the 1940s) issues are indexed according to original page numbers. Because very few of our members had original copies of Bulletins 1 through 30, indexing these issues was done from a later Reprint Volume containing all issues. The page numbers in this reprint volume (Reprint No.1) are different from those in the original issues. For those who do not have access to the Reprint and for online access consisting of the original issues, a table is provided below to convert Reprint No.1 page numbers to the original page numbers, because the Index contains reprint page numbers for Whole Numbers 1 through 30. Caution: The online NAWCC quick index does not work well with Bulletin Whole Numbers 1 through 30 (the correct volume will be returned but not necessarily the correct PDF file within that volume. Please use the Past Issues (Members Only) 1940s page to browse to the correct PDF file for 1940s research.

Primary Secondary Class
Whole No.
Page No.
Bedini, Silvio The Scent of Time   AR 11 107 48
Bowman, Ezra F.       Model Maker for Adams & Perry W 11 115 732
De Serviere   Grollier Designed Rolling Ball Clk         C 2 18 252

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