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Members of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors contribute to and receive the Watch & Clock Bulletin, a bimonthly peer-reviewed journal. The Watch & Clock Bulletin features member research, answers to questions about timekeeping, book and media reviews, news from the Museum and Library and Research Center, and much more. Read a sample article here.

Members also receive the Mart & Highlights, a more informal buy-sell-trade and NAWCC news publication, packaged with the Watch & Clock Bulletin.

The NAWCC publishes book-length research prepared by NAWCC members and offered for sale to members and the public.

March/April 2015 Watch & Clock Bulletin

The front cover illustrates Jerry Maltz’s Heywood Time Recorder. Jerry writes “In the 40 years that I have collected clocks my interests were mainly in the advertising realm. While attending a Midwest regional some years ago I came upon this clock on a member’s table. Having attended hundreds of Nationals and Regionals and never seeing anything like this before, I knew this was something special. After researching the company and the individuals who invented this time clock I wanted to share this knowledge with my fellow collectors.”

—Photo by Curator Emeritus Carter Harris


In regards to the front cover, the Museum recently acquired a significant collection of time recording clocks from the past-president of the Simplex Time Recording Co. The collection consists of a diverse number of makers and eras of time recording devices and inspired the Museum staff to examine how these clocks evolved over time and how they played a vital role in the development of an industrial society. The Museum will present an exhibit of this collection and other similar timepieces during our 2015 exhibit season. The On the Clock exhibit will open in April 2015 and close at the end of December 2015. We hope that Members will come during the exhibit’s run to see some of these important horological and social objects up close.

—Museum Director Noel Poirier


March/April 2015 Mart & Highlights

Sixty-four pages of advertisements including premiere auctions from around the world, NAWCC Regional ads, NAWCC information, Chapter Highlights, and hundreds of ads featuring horological items to buy/sell/trade.

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