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Thank you for your patience as we make improvements to our website.

The National Watch & Clock Museum has begun recording objects from its collection. These videos are available here:

Museum Introduction (39 Sec) (2 MB)

Antikythera Mechanism (51 Sec) (3 MB)     Ball Clock (29 Sec)  (2 MB)
Beeler Escapement (59 Sec) (3 MB)     Franklin Movement (33 Sec) (2 MB)
Galileo Escapement (44 Sec) (2.5 MB)     Howard Tower Clock (54 Sec) (3 MB)
Jerome Clock (1 min 15 Sec) (4 MB)     Massey Movement  (57 Sec) (3 MB)
Master Clock  (1 Min 10 Sec) (4 MB)     Rolling Ball Clock (1 Min) (3.7 MB)
Patent Timepiece (1 min) (3.5 MB)     Tall Case Clocks  (33 Sec) (2 MB)
Sense of Time (1 Min 10 Sec) (4 MB)     Time Recorder Clock  (39 Sec) (2 MB)
Tall Case Clock Movement  (51 Sec) (3 MB)     Wristwatches (33 Sec) (2 MB)
Watch Gallery (53 Sec) (3 MB)     The Clown Lux Clock (3 second video)
The Flower Lux Clock (3 second video)     The Ships Wheel Lux Clock (3 second video)
The Running Deer Lux Clock (3 second video)     The Restoration of The Apostolic Clock (10 Min)





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