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Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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11 - My Favorite Clock by Pat Hatfield
17 - Lone Star Chapter 124’s Bella Library Exhibit by Pam Tischler
19 - How I Almost Discovered the First Ever Image of a Watch by Fortunat Mueller Marki
25 - The War of 1812: Timely Reflections—Part 2: 1813-1815 by Dr. David A. Sperling
33 - Terms of Art: “oeil de perdrix” by Louis S. Flocco
38 - A New Year, A New Design by Hugh Dougherty
39 - Practical Watch Collecting—
A Manual for the Beginner: Part 10 by Richard Watkins
51 - And the Morrill of this story is . . . by Donn Haven Lathrop
64 - The Watch Master by Caryl Bryer Fallert (KY)
86 - “Our Clock Has Been Stolen!” by Jack Linahan
3 - The National Watch and Clock Museum—
”Incense Timepieces of East Asia” by Doug Cowan
9 - The First One by Bill Griesar, Ray Kaplan, and Dale Kiesewetter
14 - Dealing with a Fusee Mainspring and a Very Large Winding Arbor by Scotty Dean
49 - A Watchmaker’s Perspective, circa 2010 by Joel Trenalone
65 - Research Activities and News, edited by Snowden Taylor
77 - The Answer Box
80 - Gathering Pallets—Technical Tidbit No. 3 by Steve Nelson
82 - Horologica
84 - Vox Temporis—Letters to the Editor
88 - Chapter Highlights
110 - In Memoriam—Frederick W. Burgess Jr.
111 - In Memoriam—W. Leonard Goddard
111 - Obituaries
112 - 2009 Bulletin Index
128 - NAWCC Staff and Committees
Cover - Dates to Remember

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