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Instructor: Jeff Hamilton

Workshop Fee:

NAWCC Member


Non NAWCC Member

$300 + $82 fee


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Contact Pam Tischler at

972-612-0712 or

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FSW Registration cut-off date is 30 days before the first day of class. No exceptions please. 


Course Location:

Milwaukee, WI
Sponsoring Chapter: NAWCC National Convention

Atmos Repair Course:

The American Pocket Watch

The Atmos Repair course is a three-day class for the advanced students wanting to learn the repair of the Atmos clock. It contains hands-on practice in component definition, part handling, disassembly, cleaning, and assembly, troubleshooting and testing. Students are required to bring their own clock.
The only Atmos clocks models 519-522-526 & 528 are covered. The clock must be complete or the student has to have already purchased any replacement parts, because the instructor will not have any parts.

IMPORTANT: The Atmos clock has small glass hard pivots making disassembly and assembly very critical. The student must understand if one breaks during the class that the instructor will not be able to repair or replace it. If a part is broken the student may still follow along with the class, but they will not be able to test their clock.

Prerequisite: An advanced class requiring at least one year of clock or watch
repair experience, plus completion of either the FSW F102 or F301 courses.

Procedures Covered in F502

  • Atmos clock introduction
  • Instructor to explain students’ how the Atmos clock works.
  • Explain why disassembling the complete clock is important.
  • The student will study their clock and understand the operation.
  • Remove clock from the case.
  • Remove motor from frame.
  • Inspect bellow operation.
  • Disassemble hands and dial.
  • Remove movement from main frame.
  • Remove 52 mm backspring.
  • Disassemble mainspring assembly
  • Remove mainsprings from barrel.
  • Clean, lube and inspect mainspring
  • Clean & polish pivots on mainspring arbor and intermediate wheel.
  • Burnish bushings in main frame.
  • Remove and inspect suspension spring.
  • Polish roller.
  • Poise balance and re-install.
  • Oil mainspring barrel and intermediate wheel where required.
  • Re-assemble & test all parts of the main frame.
  • Disassemble the movement.
  • Inspect movement for damaged jewels
  • Polish all pivots
  • Clean plates & wheels
  • Polish & poise pallet fork.
  • Practice assembly of the wheels.
  • Assemble movement with pallet fork.
  • Assemble movement & frame.
  • Test hands for poise and install.
  • Adjust pallet fork and test run clock.
  • General discussion on other problems that can be found in repairing the Atmos clock



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