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Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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643 - The 2009 NAWCC Crafts Contest by Stan Kaufman and Wayne Laning    
646 - New Life Moves Into an Old Shell by Paul Henion    
652 - Fanueil Watch Tool Compan by Andrew H. Dervan    
657 - The War of 1812: Timely Reflections - Part 1: 1812 by Dr. David A. Sperling   
665 - Practical Watch Collecting - A Manual for the Beginner—Part 9 by Richard Watkins   
672 - A Reading, Pennsylvania, Clock Dial by Tom Spittler   
673 - A Contract Watch Signed T&W Keith Worcester by Richard Newman   
676 - What Time is IT, but What Does “IT” Mean? by Mark B. McKinley   
679 - Watch Glasses: History, Types, Sizes, and Manufacture by Philip T. Priestley   
685 - Timothy Bernard Powers—Inventor by Ray Brown   
702 - Post-1887 Japanese Clocks & Logos by Charles E. Davis   
664 - Douglas Minty Receives Medal of the Order of Australia   
692 - The First One . . .by Steve Lee Parsons, Bertram T. Harrison, and Wayne Fugett    
695 - Shellac Chucks - Technical Tidbit No. 2 by Stephen Nelson   
697 - Obituaries   
698 - Wristwatches by Bruce Shawkey   
722 - Research Activities and News edited by Snowden Taylor   
734 - The National Watch & Clock Museum—“Hamilton Watch / Illinois Watch Tool Drawing Database - Update” by Robert Hostetter and Library News by Sharon Gordon   
736 - Vox Temporis—Letters to the Editor   
737 - Horologica   
740 - The Answer Box   
743 - Chapter Highlights   
764 - In Memoriam—Patrick Cavanaugh   
765 - Chapter Officers   
768 - NAWCC Staff and Committees   
Cover 3 - Dates to Remember   

December 2009 Bulletin
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