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Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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676 – “… and Regulators in Every Style” (Seth Thomas) by Dana J. Blackwell
703 – Collecting Battery-Powered Clocks by Paul R. de Magnin
713 – Daniel Burnap—Master Clockmaker by George Dudley Seymour
(First of two parts)
725 – A Rare Terry Clock by Lester C. Bosler
730 – To What Extent Are Brass Lantern Clocks Original? by Bill Brewer
741 – “Are There Any More At Home Like You?” (Willard Timepiece)
by Lockwood Barr
690 – Appleton, Tracy & Company by Wesley R. Hauptman
724 – A Breguet Watch by Charles Kalish
738 – List of American Watch Slides donated by James W. Gibbs
700 – An Amateur’s Substitute for Solder by Lewis H. Singleton
701 – Keeping Time for Timekeepers by G. T. Mc Cready
727 – Pendulum Bob Too Heavy? (A remedy) by C. C. Whittaker
755 – How To Do It! (Let’s Reglue and Rebush Wood Movements) by Wm. Chas. Bruer
702 – Review of Current Periodicals
723 – The Astro Clock by Dorothy Severns (Vignette of Charles Snow)
742 – The Answer Box
746 – New Members Admitted
750 – Vox Temporis
753 – Library Committee Page
757 – Chapter Activities
784 – Necrology

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