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BOD Candidates - 4 Year Term


Candidates for Nominating and Elections Committee

Lee Davis      Ralph Pokluda


Candidates for Board of Directors—Four-Year Term


For NAWCC Director
Thomas J. Bartels - Gardnerville, NV


I am grateful for the privilege of having been your director the past four years, during which time the Board has made some significant inroads in addressing many of the challenges our Association faces, including financial stability and oversight; reorganization of the school; and fundraising. Naturally, there have been some disappointments and setbacks, and much remains to be done to ensure the long-term viability and relevance of the NAWCC, which is why I want to continue working on your behalf to achieve these goals. As a member of the Convention, Membership, and Museum committees, I have worked on several projects designed to address many of these problems, and as difficult as many may seem, such as our shrinking membership, I do not think they are insurmountable.


As a member for 48 years, past Executive Director, Star Fellow, and Life Member, I take these responsibilities very seriously. The NAWCC is unequaled in its stature and ability to preserve and protect horological knowledge and artifacts and I believe should remain a beacon of enlightenment for future generations. However, to ensure our continued existence, we must maintain and improve the services and benefits we provide our members every day. This necessitates a close working relationship with regional conventions, chapters, international members, and businesses.


Specifically, the issues I consider most important and if reelected will continue to work for are:


1. Membership.
As membership continues to dwindle, we must reach out to our most valuable assets, i.e. chapters, regional conventions, business members, staff, and Internet adherents—to participate in a well-defined, comprehensive membership program. Although there have been some setbacks in trying to establish such a program, I think the logic and necessity, along with some capable people willing to take on the task, will persuade the Board to support it.


2. Communication.
The Board has had difficulty in providing a consistent and clear message to the members. While efforts have been made to make the actions of the Board as transparent as possible, the message often gets garbled in unnecessary preoccupation with extraneous minutiae, leaving many members to wonder why the Board can’t focus on the big picture, as it is supposed to. I think we can greatly improve on this.


3. Financial Stability.
In order to continue to provide the benefits and services our members expect for now and in the future without drastically raising our dues, we must continue to build an endowment fund that will provide the necessary supplementary income needed, as well as develop other sources of income, such as our Internet presence and educational programs.
However diverse our opinions and philosophies may be, we must focus on attaining our common goal of keeping the NAWCC a viable, relevant, and financially secure organization. I believe open communication, providing a consistent, well-defined message, and diligence in following through on Board actions are key elements to our future success. With your vote and continued support, I will remain committed to working for these ideals. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to share your opinions and ideas.

For NAWCC Director
Robert Gary - Camarillo, CA


My goal is simple: to serve both the members of the NAWCC and, in fulfillment of our mission of education, the general public. These groups are not incompatible. They are mutually reinforcing. Without public outreach, we will not attract new members.


The NAWCC must constantly evolve to meet the needs and demands of its members and of future members. A wise person said, “There is no use trying to return to the past; that is not where we are headed. The future is all we have. The present is our only opportunity to influence the future.”




1) Increase value to members by reducing pressure to raise dues by improving and increasing revenue streams from sources other than dues, such as the Endowment Program, corporate grants and/or sponsorships, the Legacy Program, and similar sources.


2) Increase value to members by bringing the NAWCC up to date technologically, especially online. The future is electronic media.


3) Increase value to members by increasing assistance to local, special interest, and international chapters, upon request from chapters.


4) Increase member value by learning how to retain current members and how to recruit and retain new members.


5) Increase value to members by improving communications between the BOD/administration and members.


The NAWCC and local chapters are under one umbrella with one purpose: to serve our members and to educate the public in the horological world. We must work together cooperatively, not merely to provide those services but to survive.



  • Excellent human resources diplomacy and interpersonal communications skills. 
  • Experience in implementation of procedures and systems to provide products and service to customers. 
  • Over 20 years of experience in computer technology and its implementation. 
  • Over 20 years of marketing and market research experience, both before and with the Internet. 
  • Over 30 years of business management skills in a variety of industries. 
  • Over 20 years of experience in training, supervising, and educating employees.


Service to the NAWCC:

  • Currently on the BOD of Chapter 190, Ventura, CA. 
  • Currently Program Director for Chapter 190. 
  • Currently member of the NAWCC Program Committee. 
  • Currently video editor and restorer for the NAWCC Program Committee.
  • Former BOD member of Chapter 75, San Fernando Valley, CA. 
  • Former editor of the Chapter 75 newsletter, The Regulator. 
  • Authored articles on various horological topics published in the Watch & Clock Bulletin and Mart & Highlights.


Professional Experience:

  • As a health care professional, I supervised numerous clinics and the corresponding personnel, acquiring human resources diplomacy and interpersonal communications skills. 
  • Systems Analyst for a large corporation. When the company introduced new products, it was my responsibility to design and implement the procedures and systems necessary to provide those products to customers. 
  • Entrepreneur starting a Marketing and Advertising business from scratch, which my wife and I ran together successfully for 26 years before selling it to retire.

For NAWCC Director
Philip C. Gregory - Irving, TX



Since the formation of the combined Society ten years ago, the Board has done an outstanding job of balancing the budget, slowly increasing and protecting our endowments, upgrading the staff, supporting the improvements in the Watch & Clock Bulletin, expanding our Internet communications, improving the Library and expanding the operation of the Museum with educational programs and valuable exhibit additions. The Board has strengthened our organization with the establishment of separate Chapter and Membership committees and increased educational programs for members at Columbia. It was hoped that the new software programs and enhanced Internet presence and new educational programs would attract the modern generation and retain them.


Despite these efforts the Board has not been able to stop the 6 percent per year reduction of existing members, increase the amount of new members, correct the design flaws in our buildings including the air conditioning/heating systems or increase our endowments at a rate to meet our $6 million goal in the next three years.


Money must be raised for the building and endowments. Thus, two of our largest challenges are financial. I have financially contributed significantly to the present endowment campaign, participated in successful campaigns at other nonprofits, and am prepared to work to make our present campaign a success.


In the past we have attracted the majority of new members through our Internet presence and a much smaller (about 25 percent) through our regionals and chapters. To increase our new members, we must start to actively seek members by advertising and attending other nonprofit venues. The Board has hired a professional firm to contact the public through mailing lists. This is an experiment that the firm estimates will result in over 1,000 new members in six months. It must be closely monitored to determine if variations will make it more effective in the future. I have researched mailing lists and will spend the time to review this activity.


I have served two years as Board Chair and two years as Vice Chair, during which time I worked seven months as the Acting Executive Director. I am a member of the Museum Collections Committee. I have been on the Finance, Library and Chapter committees and the Chair of the Convention Committee. I have held all offices at my home chapter, Chapter 124, and teach in the chapter programs, the FSW program, and for several other chapters. I arranged the Workshops for the York National and am working on the ones for future nationals. I am a strong supporter of education. I teach woodwork repair, statue restoration, molding and casting, dial painting, stenciling, gold leafing, and reverse painting.


I am an Atkins collector and have published a book documenting the examples of his many companies from 1830 to 1880. I managed a publication and a video on the Pillar and Scroll exhibit at the NAWCC Museum.


I enlist your vote to elect me to the Board in the belief that with my experience I can be immediately useful to further build our organization.

For NAWCC Director
Jay (James) Holloway -  Pflugerville, TX



I am seeking your support to be a director for our organization. The first thing I would like to do is thank our current Directors for their time and effort in guiding our organization during difficult times. We are moving in a positive direction that needs to be continued and improved with additional ideas and energy that I will bring to the Board.


I retired as a national sales manager for a major corporation in 2009. The position required knowledge of sales, marketing, and finance (profit and loss responsibility). I have experienced the advantage of outstanding training and preparation as well as effective interaction with clients.


Our organization should focus on three key goals and do them well. When a team has too many goals to accomplish, few are accomplished and less are done well.


1. Financial Stability. This is critical for us. Membership dues are a major source of income. Organized groups are experiencing loss in membership which makes the current need to grow the endowment fund “For All Time,” which will provide 1/3 of the operational cost in the future. Financial stability equates to membership retention and growth. 


2. Education and Training. We are an organization of collectors. We must document the knowledge of our members and pass this information to future generations. Educational programs should continue and expand into areas that are informational and technical. The library, museum and educational-training documents are critical for our members to use. We must increase our professional membership with training and business opportunities for them. Our technical training will allow members to utilize their skills into a business for the growth and maintenance of horological items.


3. Fun in Being a Member. NAWCC is an organization of people who appreciate horology. When our members begin to feel that membership is a “job,” they forget why they joined and the fun they had originally. We must focus on what made our members join originally. There is fun in learning, collecting, and restoring horological items. People spend hundreds of dollars at sporting events because they are having fun. We can renew ways to bring the fun back into meetings and training classes. 


My history with the organization: My wife and I joined in 2006. I am a business member, current Vice-President of Chapter 15, a member of Chapters 124, 139, and 159, and Chair for the NAWCC National Crafts Contest. I have developed and presented programs at Chapter 15 as well as other horological meetings, been a speaker at Regionals, and led classes for training on clock repair and clock case restoration classes.


Currently, I own and operate a horological business where I repair and restore clocks, buy and sell clocks and watches and perform horological appraisals. My door is always open to people interested in clocks and clock repair where I mentor and assist them in learning proper techniques for maintaining their collection.


I would appreciate your support, and I will do my best to represent our membership at the highest level for the long-term growth and stability of the NAWCC.

For NAWCC Director
Randy Jaye - Flagler Beach, FL


NAWCC Activities:


• Current President: Chapter 154 (position held for the past seven years)

• Florida Mid-Winter Regional: Co-Chair (2011); Chair Positions (2013 and 2014); General Chair (2016)
• Several published articles in the Watch & Clock Bulletin
• Presenter at regional and various chapter meetings
• Website administrator for Chapters 154 and 19 and the Florida Mid-Winter Regional


Horological Interests and Activities:


I have been an NAWCC member since 2001 and am an avid generalist collector of wristwatches, pocket watches, and clocks (antique, vintage, and modern). This has allowed me to explore and appreciate many facets of horology and has prompted various research projects. I have written and presented several programs spanning various topics in horology to many NAWCC chapters. Over the past several years I have also been involved in a grassroots effort to preserve and maintain the historic Coquina Clock Tower in Daytona Beach, FL.


Professional and Related Experience


I am an information technology professional and I own and operate a consulting company specializing in project management and the implementation and maintenance of computer business systems. Interacting and working with diverse people to improve business processes and increase productivity are activities I am very experienced with. My education includes a master’s degree in Behavioral Science: Negotiation and Conflict Management, and a bachelor’s degree in Labor Studies (both from the California State University).


Reasons I am a Candidate:


I want the NAWCC to have a bright future. As a very active member I am concerned with declining membership, revenue, and the continuing loss of horological knowledge from our organization. This downward trend is surely jeopardizing the future and stability of the NAWCC. Obviously, we need to turn this trend around. Initiatives that I think are important for the NAWCC to pursue and to retain and grow membership are:


1. Open our events to the general public.


2. Increase publicity through our websites and social media channels (continue to add updated and current information while offering easy and user-friendly interactions).


3. Increase communications with other similar organizations (to promote a cross-pollination of interests).


4. Increase communications among the chapters (share ideas, lessons learned, etc.) to make local meetings more interesting and attractive for prospective members.


5. Encourage members who sell horological items to include NAWCC applications and information with their sales to promote membership growth.


6. Balance the organization’s budget and control expenditures.


Increasing membership and stabilizing the financial position of our organization are not easy tasks. This downward trend is not unique to the NAWCC as it is affecting the majority of organizations like ours. I honestly cannot promise to turn the trend around, but I can promise you that I will put forth effort to keep an open mind and pursue new ideas. This being said, I would like the opportunity to serve on the NAWCC Board of Directors to work together in a positive manner with goals set for increasing membership and stabilizing the organization. Your support would be appreciated. Thank you!

For NAWCC Director
Gary Landis - Pell City, AL


Gary Landis has a global perspective and would like to assist in expanding our Library services. NAWCC should be proud of our international Library and the information it contains. In addition, Gary wishes to assist in promoting member retention and recruitment of new members, promote watch and clock collecting, and increase educational workshops both at NAWCC events as well as electronically. During the next four years, Gary wishes to leave a legacy for the love of horology to his children and grandchildren as well as the generations to come.


During Gary’s four-year term he served as Secretary, Member of the Organizational Task Force, and Chair of the Convention Reorganizational Committee. He ran on a platform of establishing a strategic plan, adding public days to the Regionals and the National, as well as increasing educational programs. Most of these objectives have been accomplished.


Gary joined NAWCC in 1972 and has been active in horological pursuits ever since. He collects clocks and watches as well as other items, including Victorian art glass. He owns Landis Antique Mall, which specializes in restoring clocks. His wife Mary is also an active partner.


Dr. Landis, president of G. A. Landis Associates, has over 30 years experience in various types of management as a consultant, educator, and practitioner. He has worked with major global corporations on five continents as well as 30-plus countries. His efforts included helping these companies improve their supply chains. He currently provides educational workshops on 26 different topics to assist companies in improving their operations and customer service. He is a globally known speaker and lecturer in his field as well as a successful businessman.


Gary holds both B.S. and M.B.A. degrees from Kent State University and a doctorate from the University of Alabama. He was Chair of the Operations Management Department at Auburn University. He also held positions in purchasing, logistics, distribution, and operations management at General Motors, Joy Manufacturing, and Allis Chalmers.


He also held positions with the nonprofit educational society APICS, the Operations Management Society. He served as President, APICS BOD, Conference Chair for the 50th Anniversary Conference, and member of the Reorganization and Governance Committee.


Gary was born and raised in Vienna, OH, a small town that also produced a well-known clockmaker, Ansel Merrell, who made wooden works clocks in the early 1800s. Gary’s ancestors bought the “clock factory,” a two-story, wooden structure, and established it as the family home for several generations.

For NAWCC Director
David Lee -  Lake Bluff, IL



My name is David Lee. I have been an NAWCC Director and your Treasurer for the last four years. Below is most of the bio I wrote when I ran for Director four years ago. Nothing except the passage of time has changed what I wrote then. I am proud to say that for the last four years, I have succeeded in helping to trim the budget and kept it balanced. We closed the School of Horology Diploma Program, thereby reversing a large annual loss of funds. I started a Capital Budget (now called a Major Programs list) to identify at least annually the items we need to be planning to purchase, replace, repair, etc. When we started, there were $800K identified. Currently, we have about $1.5M on the list going out up to 10 years. We have largely stopped putting Band-Aids on our facilities and begun to repair, replace, or get grants to cover the major items as they creep forward on the list. The Endowment Campaign currently underway will go a long way to resolving the remainder for many years to come. As I said last time I ran, I promise to keep an open mind to all subjects that come to the Board, while keeping true to my pledge to improve the NAWCC’s financial situation.


I am running for NAWCC Director in the upcoming election. I would like to become involved in the financial decisions of the Association with a specific interest in controlling cost while others with more acute knowledge and abilities work to stop the decline of membership, which is a significant cause of the problem.
With a 45-year business/financial background starting with a major in General Business at Miami of Ohio and minors in Accounting and Economics, I joined a family business in 1964. I ultimately ran the business until it was sold in 1983.


Working in businesses in both good and bad times has taught me to make the tough financial decisions needed to keep them solvent.


I joined the NAWCC in 1975 and have been involved at the local level with Chapters 3, 47, and 125. Some of my responsibilities have been:


• Midwest Regional Chair and Board member
• Board member Chapter 47
• Auditor Chapter 47 financials and bank records


I am a member and past commander of my local American Legion, and currently I serve as finance officer. I was a founder of the local Jewish War Veterans in 2007. I have been a member of the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Chamber of Commerce, board member for nine years, and president in 1998.


I am a watch, clock, and barometer collector with an interest in music boxes as well. I am 68, a widower, father of three daughters, and grandfather to three boys and three girls. If elected, I promise to keep an open mind to all subjects that come to the Board, while keeping true to my pledge to improve the NAWCC’s financial situation.

For NAWCC Director
Bob Pritzker - Stouffville, ON, Canada


Since joining the NAWCC in 1997, Bob has participated in a wide variety of NAWCC experiences. He has learned clock repair in the FSW program and has traveled with Chapters 159 and 179 to England, Italy, Russia, Romania, Switzerland, and France. Being interested in many aspects of horology, he is a member of the Tower Clock, Cog Counters, Electrical Horology, and 400-Day Chapters. Bob has served on the executive of the Toronto Chapter 33 as Secretary and currently serves as President. He has written Watch & Clock Bulletin articles and has presented workshops. He has assisted at the Eastern States Regional and several National Conventions.


Having participated in these different opportunities, Bob believes that the strength of the NAWCC is not just in the Museum and Library. Rather, he sees that the NAWCC is made of the individuals who are members and they, with their wide-ranging interests and talents all centered on horology, give our Association its strength.
In order for our organization to survive, it is essential that all members—new and long-standing—feel welcome and that their needs are met. Without meeting our members’ needs and addressing their concerns, the decline in membership will continue and the viability of the NAWCC will be in jeopardy.


Therefore, Bob sees the duty of the Board of Directors and thus, his duty, if elected, to represent all members and make available to them the facilities and opportunities to interact and develop their interests and to encourage them to share their interests with their fellow members and the public.
Fiscal responsibility is key to the achievement of the goals of the NAWCC. The Board of Directors has managed to bring our finances into line in the last two years. As a Director, Bob will work to ensure that the Board continues to exercise budgetary restraint.


Bob has bachelor’s degrees in Science as well as Education. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree. Prior to retiring in 2000, he worked for a large urban school board as a teacher and administrator. At the same time he and his wife managed a family farm. He has been and still is actively involved in professional and community organizations as a member and serving in an executive capacity. Bob and his wife have four adult daughters (three of whom are married) and five grandchildren.

Candidates for The Nominating and Elections Committee


For Nominating and Elections Committee
Lee Davis - York, PA



Lee Davis joined the NAWCC in 1966 and has served on several committees as well as the National Council and been an officer in several chapters. He is an active eglomise artist and resides with his wife in York, PA.

For Nominating and Elections Committee
Ralph Pokluda - Houston, TX


Ralph’s interest in clocks was tweaked while still in high school, when his grandmother gave him an old family clock in poor repair. After trips to the library to read about clocks and clock repair and the encouragement of his parents, he was successful in reviving the relic.


After starting an apprenticeship with Chappell Jordan (an antiques dealer specializing in clocks), he completed his high school education and was one of the many working students at the University Of Houston. He graduated with a degree in accounting after three years as a Geology major, “the degree” in the 1970s in Houston.


After college he purchased the repair department from Chappell Jordan and in 1996 he purchased the sales business along with his business partner Jeff Zuspan, who had apprenticed under him.


Ralph is involved with various boards of museums and is a frequent lecturer around the country in the field of horology. After joining the NAWCC in 1969, he was subsequently awarded a Fellowship (Lifetime Member #3).


He has served as National Director and on the Museum Committee, hosted two symposiums in Houston, and served in many positions both locally and nationally. He is also an appraiser on PBS’s Antiques Roadshow.



In this election three of the six open four-year-term Board positions are being filled by election; the other three will be filled by direct appointment following the election.

Also in this election, two individuals are running for one four-year term on the Nominating and Elections Committee.

All Board and Nominating and Elections Committee (NEC) election candidates are presented here with a picture and a biographical sketch to help members make their voting decisions.

All ballots, whether secure Web-based or print, must be received by the auditor by 12:00 midnight EDT on April 1, 2015. Only ballots received by the auditor by that time will be considered. Only original ballots will be accepted; copies are not valid.

The Nominating and Elections Committee recommends that you consider the following in making your choices:


The Board’s primary functions are to set broad goals and directions, establish policies, and ensure management’s performance. Day-to-day operations of the NAWCC are the responsibility of the Executive Director. Directors are asked to assist fundraising efforts as agreed upon by the Board.

The Board holds a minimum of two physical meetings a year and has electronic meetings in the intervening months. Directors are expected to participate in all meetings, do the homework to understand the NAWCC’s mission and issues, and contribute to the Board’s work by using their particular skills and resources. Board members also serve on committees and/or task forces. All should be willing to serve as an officer if so elected.


The Board needs a balance of skills and experience to function effectively. Each Director should be capable of contributing visible strength and leadership to the Board with respect to some set of the following:

• NAWCC familiarity and service
• Professional skill: education, finance, horology, information technology, law, marketing, museum management, planning, public relations, publishing
• Business management, particularly in complex organizations
• Board experience, particularly in complex nonprofit entities
• Community and public leadership, contacts with such leaders
• Large-scale fundraising


Directors should be good at listening, analyzing, learning, and working constructively with others individually and in groups. They should be computer literate and have access to the Internet to participate in NAWCC Board work.

Please note: Candidates are presented here alphabetically and candidate information is presented as received. Ballot order will be determined by a random draw.

Ballot Vote: Bylaws Change Recommendations


Dear Members,


The following Bylaws changes were recommended by the Bylaws and Procedures Committee and approved by the Board of Directors in physical or electronic meetings during the past two years and are presented here to the membership for approval.


Bylaw Change 1


ARTICLE I, Section 5 of the NAWCC Bylaws be amended to read:


Section 5. Director Term of Office


The normal term of office for Director, other than ex-officio, shall be four years commencing at the first physical meeting of the Board following their election or appointment. After serving one term, incumbents are eligible to serve one additional consecutive term if reelected or reappointed. After serving two consecutive terms, no person may again serve as Director until one full term (4 years) has elapsed. A member appointed to fill a vacancy for the office of Director who has served more than one-half of a term shall be deemed to have served one full term.


RATIONALE: This clarifies the length of a “term.” This will preclude a Director serving a four-year term, an additional four-year term, and then running for additional term(s) until four years have elapsed since the last period of service.


Bylaw Change 2


ARTICLE I, Board of Directors, Section 6, Meetings, last paragraph be amended by striking the entire paragraph and substituting:


“In all months when the Board does not have a physical meeting, outstanding business may require Board meetings that will be held utilizing electronic or other means in accordance with policies established by the Board in the Standing Rules. Agendas for all meetings of the Board will be presented according to such policies.”


RATIONALE: This will allow as many, or as few, Board Meetings as necessary in months when a physical Meeting is not being held.


Bylaw Change 3


To replace Bylaws ARTICLE IV, Section 5, 2nd paragraph, 4th sentence with the following: “The NEC shall be responsible to have official ballots, whether print or electronic, be designed so as to prevent duplication or fraud.


RATIONALE: This will assign specific responsibility for design of the Official Ballot to the NEC. This may change the requirement for member number and state of residence on an outside envelope as previously required causing rejection of many ballots.


Bylaw Change 4


ARTICLE XII. AMENDMENTS be amended by striking the entire section and replacing it with the following:


"Section 1. Amendment Proposals
Amendments may be proposed in two ways: (a) By a proposal made by a resolution passed by the Board, or (b) By a proposal made by Petition signed by at least five percent of the Members.
Section 2. Categorization of Proposed Amendments
Amendments shall be categorized by the Board as either technical and non-substantive or non-technical and substantive. Such technical and non-substantive amendments may include, but not be limited to, language cleanup, name changes, operational changes to meet regulations, and other changes or improvements to effect more efficient operations.
Section 3. Amendment Proposal Publication
Amendment proposals of both categories passed by the Board or received by Petition shall be distributed by means as defined in the Standing Rules.
Section 4. Voting
(a) Technical and Non-substantive Amendments
Technical and non-substantive amendments proposed either by the Board or by Petition may be voted on by the Board, after a 30-day notice period, and will require a 3/4 affirmative vote for approval. If approved, Technical and non-substantive Amendments shall become effective immediately.
(b) Non-technical and Substantive Amendments
All non-technical and substantive amendment proposals, by either of the above means, after approval by the Board by a ¾ affirmative vote, will be voted on by referendum of the Members, using Official Ballots for that purpose as defined in Article IV Section 5 of these Bylaws. Approval of any proposed regular amendment will require a 2/3 majority of the valid ballots returned for counting to an independent Agent appointed by the Board, and if approved will become effective immediately.
Section 5. Publication of Results
An announcement of all amendments adopted in the period since the most recent meeting of the Board, whether at the Regular Annual Meeting or a Special Meeting, shall be made at the beginning of the next such meeting of the Members. The result of all amendments shall be published in the next available issue of the official NAWCC publication following receipt of the Agent’s report or the Board’s actions."

RATIONALE: This revision would allow the Board to make Technical and Non-substantive Amendments without requiring a vote of the full membership. Technical and Non-substantive Amendments are those that are technical in nature, such as Bylaws language cleanup, name or position changes, operational or methodology changes to meet regulations or improve efficiency, and other changes or improvements that do not fall into the Major Amendment category.


Non-technical and Substantive Amendments are those that affect Members’ rights or change the organization or its mission in a substantial way. Any proposal of this type will continue to require a vote of the full membership by ballot.


—Mary Ann Wahlner (AZ)
Bylaws and Procedures Chair

Call for Nominations for Appointed Board of Directors Positions for the 2015 – 2019 Term


This is a call for nominations for appointed positions to the NAWCC Board of Directors to be filled in spring of 2015. Three directors will be appointed to four-year terms.


Director appointment is the way in which individuals with special experience and proven skills may be placed in service on the Board to fill needs that may exist. Special qualifications may include financial planning, legal counsel, museum management, fundraising and development, organizational leadership, as well as others.


Candidates for appointment may be self-nominated or may be nominated by others. Interested members are encouraged to self-nominate by using a prepared form available on the member documents page of the NAWCC website, in the Mart & Highlights published in May/June of this year, or by contacting Pam Lindenberger at (717) 684-8261, ext. 210. Nominations should be submitted as soon as possible for full consideration, but must be delivered no later than April 7, 2015, to headquarters in Columbia, PA.


The Nominating and Elections Committee (NEC) will interview candidates regarding their interests and eligibility under the requirements listed below. By mid-April, 2015, NEC will select, from among all candidates, three who are best qualified to serve special needs, and present them to the Board of Directors for appointment. If either of these is not approved for appointment by the Board, then the NEC will present additional candidates, one at a time, until the three positions are filled.




Be a member in good standing of NAWCC, with no adverse decisions regarding ethics violations. Be willing to consistently perform a Director’s job, which may include officer and committee duties. Agree to sign and abide by the Board code of ethical conduct, which is included with BOD documents on the NAWCC website. Understand and agree to abide by common law and statutory fiduciary duties of nonprofit boards, and agree to possible training in the performance of nonprofit board duties if needed.


Be prepared to participate in two physical Board meetings and to serve as national representative at one or more regionals each year. This will require at least ten days away from home, and travel/lodging expense will be reimbursed. Also be capable and prepared to take part in monthly meetings via Internet and to participate in email discussions.


Board duties include the setting and evaluation of strategic goals and objectives, writing committee guidance documents and selecting committee chairs, establishment and monitoring of fiscal policies, participation in raising of funds through appeals, donations, and development programs, and maintenance of an effective and productive relationship with the Executive Director.


Former members of the Board, Council, or Trustees may serve if at least one term has passed since last service.


Service as a Director is a serious and vitally important role within our organization. It is an opportunity to help shape our direction for the future, using your special talents, commitment, and enthusiasm. Your service will be welcomed, and you are encouraged to self-nominate.


The Nominating and Elections Committee


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