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Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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660 – DeLong, Garbe, and Round Pallet Watch Escapements by Michael C. Harrold
682 – The English Module by Ted McDuffie
685 – Precision Timekeepers of Tokugawa Japan and the Evolution of the Japanese Domestic Clock by M. P. Fernandez and P. C. Fernandez
698 – Replacing Ropes on 30-Hour English Clocks by Frank Del Greco
701 – The Geometry of the Pocket Watch Verge Escapement by Fred Powell
706 – The Burlington Watch Company’s Fight against the Trust by Nahum H. Lewis
710 – The Answer Box
714 – The 1997 NAWCC National Convention
714 – Tips on Tocks by David S. Goodman
715 – Research Activities and News
725 – Timely Voices
729 – The NAWCC Museum
730 – Library News
732 – The Willard House and Clock Museum
733 – NAWCC Program Listing
737 – Wristwatches
740 – The Railroaders’ Corner
750 – In Memoriam—John R. “Dick” Hartlieb
751 – Book Reviews
752 – Obituaries
753 – Chapter Highlights
779 – Chapter Officers
782 – 1997 NAWCC BULLETIN Index
800 – National Officers and Staff
Cover 3 – Dates To Remember
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