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Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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127 – An 18-Inch Juvet Globe Clock by Glenn A. Marsh
136 – Chester Henry Pond, Who Started It All by Bengt Eugene Honning
150 – When the Huron Is Not an Ingraham by Owen H. Burt
159 – Heraldic China Clocks by James R. A. Aked
163 – Another Look at Balance Watch Cocks by James W. Gibbs
164 – Quaker Clockmakers, Part II by James W. Gibbs
168 – Thomas Claggett: Silversmith, Swordsman, Clockmaker by Richard Champlin
179 – Mr. Whitcomb and Mr. Ball by T. William Schroeder
181 – Necrology
182 – The NAWCC Museum
187 – Recent Donations to the NAWCC Museum
189 – Membership and Programs Committee
190 – Horological Programs for Chapter Use Available from the NAWCC
192 – Research Activities and News
194 – Making Your NAWCC Lending Library Work for You
195 – Additions to the NAWCC Lending Library
196 – Convention Information
197 – Dates To Remember
198 – Vox Temporis
200 – Book Review
209 – Answer Box
218 – Chapter Highlights
235 – Chapter Officers

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