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Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

Click on Page Numbers below to access content in PDF format.

3 – Clockwork History: Monumental Clocks and the Depiction of the American Past by Michael O’Malley and Carlene E. Stephens
16 – The 8th Wonder of the World by Thomas J. Bartels
25 – The Wonderful Meier Clock by H. W. Ellison
29 – Mr. Wegman’s American History Clock by Chris H. Bailey
30 – Wax, Wood, Plaster and Cloth: The Restoration of the Engle Clock Figures by Billie Lehmann
32 – An Easy to Make Fly Cutter with Constant Profile by Henry B. Fried
36 – Hazards of Fire-Gilding Watch Parts by Charles K. Aked
45 – A Time of Change by Clarence Crookshank
50 – Sidney Advertising Clock Company by James W. Gibbs
54 – The Answer Box
60 – Timely Voices
66 – Never Too Late to Restore by Woodrow W. Wilcox
67 – The Watch & Clock Museum of the NAWCC
69 – Necrology
70 – Executive Director’s Digest
70 – Y’All Come to New Orleans by Nick Bonura
71 – Research Activities and News
79 – Chapter Highlights
94 – Chapter Officers
96 – National Officers and Staff
Cover 3 – Dates To Remember
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dates to remember





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