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What is a "Webinar?" It's a lecture or exploratory presentation that is broadcast live over the world wide web, viewable over your computer. You can either stream the web broadcast live directly to your computer, or view the recorded version later on your own time-- it's your choice.


Upcoming Webinars



Do You Know What Time It Is? The Establishment of Time Zones in the United States

on Sunday, March 29th at  7:00 PM EDT. Please register for this free webinar at this link:



A historical look at how and why the national time zones came into being. It was not for the reason most people think.

About the Speaker: The presentation will be made by Robert Gary, NAWCC from California and member of the Program Committee. The program was written and researched by Susan Gary.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. Please be sure to view system requirements before logging on to make sure your will be able to access the program. This information will be found in registration link and registration confirmation.

 apr webinar

The Beginning of the Hermetic Wristwatch. New discoveries and Early Wristwatch Adoption Photos

on Sunday, April 19th at 7pm EDT. Please register for this free webinar at this link.


Register Here

This program will cover the history of ‘hermetically’ sealed watches from 1891 to circa 1950s, including photos and adverts from those periods. Our presenter, Adam Harris will also show some amazing photos of early wristwatches being worn in different walks of life and occupations.

This presentation is given by our wristwatch volunteer curator Adam Harris.


Past Webinars


February 15th, 2015: The Remarkable Clocks of Andrew V. Strait of Sidney, NY by Russ Oechsle


While the name Andrew V. Strait might not be recognizable to many advertising clock collectors and aficionados, his clocks, generally referred to as "Sidney Advertising Clocks" surely are. Strait's story is one of real genius, wherein his skills as a clock maker merged with his unique ideas on profiting through the medium of advertising to create a new segment in American horology. This presentation, based almost entirely on primary sources, will provide the history of Strait and his various advertising clock models, as well as lesser known inventions, including what he called the "first electric alarm clock.


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January 25th, 2015: The War Alarm by Al Dodson

Horology played an important role in World War Two. The Hamilton Watch Co. is well remembered for the spectacular achievement of mass producing the Marine Chronometer and the many other timepieces they made for all branches of military. Other watch and clock companies also produced a wide variety of timepieces for the war effort. One product, the War Alarm, was produced for the civilian population in response to a critical need of this cheap and mundane timepiece. This webinar, presented by Al Dodson, will discuss the War Alarm and present photos, vintage advertisements, and other documents to illustrate this need and how the government and manufacturers responded.


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November 16, 2014: The Beginning of the Self-Winding Wristwatch & Interesting Finds in the Museum Watch Collection in 2014 by Gallet Guest Curator Adam Harris.

Our Gallet guest curator of wristwatches, Adam Harris will discuss the “genesis” of the automatic wristwatch 1922 to 1940s. Adam will also present some of his research findings during his stay as a guest wristwatch curator, including important and updated NAWCC collection items descriptions, early patents and WWI photographs.

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October 27, 2014: The Beginning of the Wristwatch – What we have learned in 2 years by Gallet Guest Wristwatch Curator Adam Harris

This webinar will be a timeline walk through the beginning of the wristwatch, both in Europe and America. Adam Harris, our Gallet guest curator of wristwatches at the National Watch and Clock Museum will discuss the fascinating amount of discoveries we have learned in past two years. This webinar will truly bring you up to date with the beginning of the wristwatch in Europe and America. There will be lots of interesting period advertisements and images included in the discussion.


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September 28, 2014:  Ephemeral Art – Here today and gone tomorrow by Pat Holloway

The program provides an overview of the evolution, distribution and imagery of 19th century advertising trade cards with a special focus on horology. These cards were an integral part of many Victorian homes, often appearing in prominently placed albums. The art work provides an interesting view of turn-of-the-century American life and industry. This program was presented at the 2014 NAWCC National Convention.


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August 17th, 2013: Meet the Bulletin Author Webinar


Stephen Nelson discusses his recent article in the July/August 2013 W&C Bulletin “A Tale of Two Clocks” on Vienna Regulators versus “Vienna-style” Regulators. 


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June 21st, 2013:  Meet the NAWCC Bulletin Author Webinar

Gregory Gorton and the Seth Thomas Clock Company's Grand Office Calendar Clock.


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