National Watch and Clock Museum

National Watch & Clock Museum

The National Watch & Clock Museum features North America’s largest collection of timepieces from all over the world. Visitors can see timepieces from every stage of human history - primitive to space-aged.

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Brewster and Ingrahams

There has been a fair amount written about the paucity of earlier things to be found.

Well, there...


Owen, Lorton, Kroeber

George B. Owen had a long career as a clockmaker. Born in 1834, he started in the clock...


German Time Bomb Defused!

Hi All,
After reading very carefully all the available threads on the Elgin S. Haller "german time bomb", I...

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Enjoy a free article from this month’s Watch & Clock Bulletin. Read Mulliken v. Wingate: “A Dispute about an Apprentice” by Damon Di Mauro (MA)

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Novelty Timepieces Gallery

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19th Century Clockmaking - Craft To Mass Production by Andrew Dervan

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