Member Recognition

Special awards to recognize achievements and contributions of individuals and chapters who have worked to further the educational mission of the NAWCC are presented each year as defined in the NAWCC Standing Rules. Contact Member Services for qualifications. With few exceptions, award nominations are administered by the Awards Committee.

Chapter of the Year

Recognizing meritorious achievement

Buckeye Chap 237/21/2018
San Jacinto Chap 1397/23/2016
Southwestern Chap 156/20/2014
Chicagoland Chap 38/2/2013
Idahorological Chap 1537/6/2013
Ventura & Santa Barbara County Chap 1906/16/2012
Lone Star Chap 1246/20/2010
Ventura & Santa Barbara County Chap 1906/13/2009
Buckeye Chap 236/14/2008
Lone Star Chap 1246/11/2005
Carolina Chap 177/6/2003
Friends of the West Coast C & W Mus #1807/6/2002
Lone Star Chap 1247/15/2001
Western Electrics #1336/9/2000
High Desert Chap 736/27/1999
New York Chap 26/27/1999
Lone Star Chap 1246/24/1998
Lone Star Chap 1246/23/1996
First Australian Chap 726/25/1995
Chicagoland Chap 32/6/1994
Palm Beaches of Florida #997/4/1993
New England Chap 87/5/1992
Buckeye Chap 236/30/1991
New York Chap 27/8/1990
Lake Erie Chap 286/25/1989
Carolina Chap 172/14/1988
Philadelphia Chap 16/14/1987
Great Lakes Chap 66/22/1986

Headquarters Volunteer of the Year Award

Recognizing outstanding services in support of NAWCC operations

Mr. Thomas McIntyre FNAWCC* (click to view presentation)8/19/2020
Mr. Fred D. Reiss8/9/2019
Mrs. Marion Krajewski, FNAWCC6/29/2019
Mrs. Lu Sadowski, FNAWCC6/29/2019
Mr. Clayton Tongate8/17/2018
Sally Biel6/9/2017
Ms. E. O’Rean Fiedler6/17/2016
Mr. David Shelton6/17/2016
Terry Buckwalter8/28/2015
Mr. Gregory Gerhart8/8/2014
Margery Velde6/14/2013
Mrs. Janet Fox6/11/2012
Mr. Jules Cesaro6/24/2011
Mr. Albert Weisser6/25/2010
Mr. Robert L. Hostetter6/24/2009
Mrs. Judy Anttonen6/1/2008
Jean Van Horn6/1/2007
Mr. Byron H. LeCates4/10/2006
Mr. William H. Miller, FNAWCC4/1/2005
Mr. Cas L. Woodbridge, FNAWCC4/19/2004
Ms. Nancy L. Ankrum, FNAWCC*6/1/2002
Mr. Fred D. Reiss6/1/2001
Mrs. Alvina Marsolek6/1/2000
Mr. Ray P. Marsolek, Jr., FNAWCC*6/1/2000
Mrs. Kathleen Pritchard, FNAWCC*6/1/1999
Mr. William H. Miller, FNAWCC6/1/1998
Mrs. Isobel Rambo6/1/1997
Neal Francis Dunlevy, FNAWCC6/1/1996
Jean Huskin6/1/1995
Mr. John T. Huskin6/1/1995
Mrs. Kathleen Pritchard, FNAWCC*6/1/1994
Mr. P. Edmund Bechtold, FNAWCC6/1/1993

Fellow Award

Recognizing outstanding and meritorious achievement.

Mr. David Richardson, FNAWCC7/28/2020
Jerry Kieffer, FNAWCC7/28/2020
Dr. John Wagner, FNAWCC7/28/2020
Mr. Dave Coatsworth, FNAWCC7/28/2020
Mr. John S. Koepke, FNAWCC7/28/2020

Silver Star Fellow Award

Recognizing exceptional and meritorious achievement (eligible to Fellows only)

Mr. Ralph Pokluda, FNAWCC*7/28/2020
Mr. George Waterhouse, FNAWCC*7/28/2020

Golden Circle Award

Recognizing 50 years of NAWCC membership

Old Timer Recognition Award

Recognizing the two hundred lowest active membership numbers

New Member Recruitment Award

Recognizing outstanding individual or chapter recruitment of new members

Dana J. Blackwell Clock Award

Recognizing excellence in the field of clock making

Mr. David Walter7/21/2018
Mr. William R. Smith, FNAWCC12/1/2012
Mr. John Shadle6/11/2005
Mr. Boris Vojvodich7/4/2004
Mr. C. E. Beacham, III7/6/2003
Mr. Wayne R. Cline7/6/2002
Mr. Lee H. Davis, FNAWCC7/15/2001
Mr. Richard N. Balzer6/24/1998
Mr. David M. Munro6/22/1997
Mr. E W. Willard, FNAWCC6/23/1996
Mr. Trevor Beatson6/25/1995
Mr. Richard Cox, FNAWCC7/4/1993
Mr. Foster S. Campos, FNAWCC7/5/1992
Mr. Howard Klein6/30/1991
Mr. Gerhard M. Hutter, FNAWCC6/25/1989
Mr. D J. Blackwell, FNAWCC6/22/1986

Henry B. Fried Watch Award

Recognizing excellence in the field of watchmaking

Mr. Moritz Elsaesser6/11/2005
Mr. William N. Tapp, FNAWCC7/4/2004
Mr. John Huber7/6/2002
Eugene T. Fuller, FNAWCC6/27/1999
Mr. George Thomas6/23/1996
Mr. Gene D. Clark6/25/1995
Mr. Michael C. Harrold, FNAWCC7/4/1993
Mr. Marvin Whitney, FNAWCC7/5/1992
Mr. Peter A. Iles6/30/1991
Mr. George L. Daniels7/8/1990
Mr. Henry B. Fried, FNAWCC6/22/1986

James W. Gibbs Literary Award

 Recognizing horological literary excellence Award

Mr. James DuBois7/28/2020
Ms. Mary Jane Dapkus, FNAWCC8/3/2017
Mr. Andrew Dervan, FNAWCC7/23/2016
Mr. Owen H. Burt, FNAWCC6/20/2014
Mr. Bruce Shawkey6/20/2014
Dr. Clint B. Geller, FNAWCC6/13/2009
Mr. Melvin S. Kaye, FNAWCC6/11/2005
Mr. William F. Keller, FNAWCC7/4/2004
Mr. Lee H. Davis, FNAWCC7/6/2003
Mr. Theodore B. Hodges7/6/2002
Mr. James B. West, FNAWCC7/15/2001
Paul V. Heffner, FNAWCC7/9/2000
Mr. Kent L. Singer, FNAWCC6/27/1999
Mr. Edward B. Ueberall, FNAWCC6/27/1999
Mr. Philip T. Priestley, FNAWCC6/24/1998
Eugene T. Fuller, FNAWCC6/22/1997
Mr. Thomas J. Spittler, FNAWCC6/23/1996
Mr. Chris H. Bailey, FNAWCC6/25/1995
Mr. Fred Shelley2/6/1994
Mr. Snowden Taylor, FNAWCC7/5/1992
Mr. Kenneth D. Roberts, FNAWCC6/30/1991
Dr. Theodore R. Crom, FNAWCC7/8/1990
Mr. J W. Gibbs, FNAWCC6/22/1986

The J. Bryson and Mary Lou Moore Distinguished Service Award

Recognizing distinguished and outstanding service to the Museum Award

Mr. Adam Harris6/28/2017
Mr. Walter Hediger6/16/2012
Mr. Ralph Fletcher, Jr., FNAWCC7/4/2004
Mrs. Kathleen Pritchard, FNAWCC7/15/2001
Mr. Robert S. Edwards, FNAWCC6/27/1999
Dr. Robert L. Ravel, FNAWCC6/27/1999

Kathleen H. and Wilbur L. Pritchard Award

Recognizing excellence in the field of watch repair and restoration

Mr. Denis J. Carignan7/23/2016
Mr. Kenneth Rockwell7/5/2013
Mr. Philip W. Rickert6/10/2011
Mr. Ronald P. Hohenwarter7/4/2004

Kenneth D. Roberts – Snowden Taylor Horological Research Award

 Recognizing in-depth original horological research and publication 

Mr. Paul J. Foley6/29/2019

Certificates of Appreciation and/or Achievement to recognize accomplishments and contributions of individuals and chapters who have worked to further the educational mission of the NAWCC are presented each year as defined in the NAWCC Standing Rules. Contact Members Service for qualifications and award recipients:

  • Certificates of Appreciation
  • Chapter Citation Certificates
  • Gold Certificates
  • Field Suitcase Workshop Course Completion Certificates
  • Lifetime Members