Nominating & Elections Committee

Nominating and Elections Committee

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The Nominating & Elections Committee hereinafter referred to as the NEC, will be responsible for conducting the business of and managing the election and appointment processes for members of the Board and elected members of the NEC. The NEC will have the following minimum responsibilities:

  1. Oversee the election and appointment processes according to policies and procedures defined in the Bylaws and Standing Rules.
  2. Ensure there is a minimum of two candidates for each open elected Director position and elected NEC member position, and if necessary, to nominate such candidates.
  3. Verify the eligibility of self-nominated, petition, and other candidates for elected or appointed positions prior to their names being placed on the ballot for elected positions or on the nominee list for appointed positions, by review of the self-nomination forms and personal interviews.
  4. Provide a listing of qualifications to be included with the election ballot for all candidates for elected Director positions, and a listing of qualifications to be included with the list of nominees for all candidates for appointed Director positions.
  5. Recommend candidates for appointment to fill any Board vacancy occurring outside the normal election or appointment cycle.
  6. Actively seek candidates for Director positions, both elected and appointed.
  7. Develop and maintain an election and appointment procedure to be included in the Operations Manual that will include the following items:
    1. Skills selection criteria for elected and appointed Board members
    2. Critical capabilities desired of directors, to be on ballot capability matrix
    3. Individual Board member’s responsibilities iv) Other suggested characteristics desirable for Board members

Current Committee Members

Tim Orr, CO, Chair

Rich Newman, IL

Jay Dutton, FL

Chris Miller, MO