Collection Philosophy

The National Association of Watch and Clock Collector’s mission is to study and share the world’s history of timekeeping. In support of that mission, the National Watch & Clock Museum maintains North America’s largest collection of clocks, timepieces and horological artifacts. The Museum exhibits primitive timepieces from ancient civilizations as well as modern timepieces, using the most advanced technologies.

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In pursuit of its goal to educate visitors about horology, the Museum uses creative exhibits to tell the story of how and why civilizations measured time and how the evolution of timekeeping influenced human history. The Museum’s collection reflects a diverse artistry and science of timekeeping devices.

The Museum always seeks to add timepieces and horological artifacts that represent a timekeeping technology, historical period, or artistic style to its collection. In keeping with NAWCC’s mission, the Museum seeks to add items that support their efforts to:

  • Preserve the horological history of the world;
  • Enhance the enjoyment and education of the public in horology through study, exhibition, and interpretation of its collections;
  • Support and encourage scholarly research and publication in fields relevant to horological history and science thereof; and
  • Interpret the role of horology in the development of society.