Experience the NAWCC’s Mission in School of Horology Classes

The NAWCC is committed to being the world leader, educator, and advocate for horology and for everyone interested in timepieces and the art and science of timekeeping.

The NAWCC School of Horology is located in Columbia, PA, and its educational programs serve to stimulate interest in and preserve knowledge of horological crafts. We look forward to welcoming you to future classes.

A Message from the Education Director, Ken De Lucca 

As we renew and revitalize the School of Horology, our focus is on the four basics that should exist in any such school: 

  • Clock Education
  • Watch Education
  • Machining Technology for Horology 
  • Decorative Techniques such as Stenciling and Under-glass Painting

At the School of Horology, we are indeed fortunate. We have the square footage and the equipment and supplies to provide top-notch educational opportunities. Expert instructors will be engaged in their area of specialty to offer learning experiences for students of horology.

This is an exciting time to be a part of NAWCC’s School of Horology! Workshops are added once they are developed and approved. Please check Upcoming Events as listed on our homepage.

Want to learn from home?

The School of Horology offers multiple comprehensive online instructional videos.

School of Horology Instructors 

Ken De Lucca

Ken is a graduate of the School of Horology (NAWCC) Clock Repair Program. He also has a graduate diploma in the Conservation of Clocks from West Dean College of Arts and Conservation (UK). 

He has worked in two local clock repair centers for more than 10 years in a part-time position: one an antique shop, the other a jewelry store. Along with a Certificate of Museum Studies from the University of Delaware, his exposure to clockmaking has been wide and far. A member of the NAWCC for more than 20 years, he recently retired from teaching a technical subject (electronics and related courses) after more than 36 years.  

Jerry Kieffer

Jerry first learned about micro-mechanics and electronics while serving in the US Navy, and these fields became a lifelong passion for him. He has fabricated functional micro-assemblies, including industrial projects and exact-scale model engineering as well as horological projects. His latest build is a watch movement with all of the parts, including the screws, machined individually from bar stock.

Dave Gorrell

NAWCC Fellow, taught high school history in the Baltimore City Public Schools from 1966 to 2003. He worked as a watch repairer from 1961 to 1979 and opened the Millersville Clock Shop in 1964. He became an instructor in clock repair and restoration for the NAWCC in 2000. Dave has taught clockmaking skills and lectured on the history of clocks and clockmaking throughout the US and Canada.

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Will We See You in an Upcoming Class? 

Timepieces and the art and science of timekeeping are at the center of the School of Horology, but there’s more. We are lucky enough to be able to connect with time enthusiasts for the purposes of education, advocacy, and comradery.

Join us, won’t you? Simply click below to see upcoming classes. 

Our Watchmakers

Bernhard Stoeber — Experienced watchmaker with over 40 years of working for the Swiss Watch Industry in Europe, the US, and China (with Omega, Movado Group, and Rolex). Expertise in operations management of large service centers, technical consulting, and training of apprentices and watchmakers.

Madison Jardine — Certified Watchmaker of the 21st Century (American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute), Swiss American Watchmakers Training Alliance, Omega Certified Watchmaker, Lititz Watch Technicum graduate, Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology graduate, Jewelers of America Certified Jeweler. Scuba diver, mountain biker, and all-around outdoor enthusiast. 

Drew Zimmerman — Certified Watchmaker of the 21st Century (American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute), Swiss American Watchmakers Training Alliance, Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Educational Program, Lititz Watch Technicum graduate, NAWCC School of Horology graduate, and Omega Certified Watchmaker. Runs Zimmerman Watch Repair, the official Moser and Cie. US service center. Juggler and avid camper. Currently in pursuit of visiting all 124 Pennsylvania state parks.

Tony Paster — NAWCC School of Horology graduate, Certified Watchmaker of the 21st Century (American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute), Omega Certified Watchmaker, Watchmaker at Rolex USA, Owner of National Timepiece LLC. 

Workshop Testimonials  

Review of American Style Time/Strike Clock Movements Workshop: “I appreciated Ken’s patience and good spirits while guiding me on a journey of understanding how American clocks work. I believe the most important lesson for me was the value of stopping and starting all over again. Thanks!” –Kurt

Review of Introduction to Antique Clocks Workshop: “The NAWCC’s Introduction to Antique Clocks was an enjoyable course and a worthwhile experience. I especially loved the school’s facilities and the small class size that allowed for plenty of student interaction. This class opened my eyes to so many aspects of time-only clock maintenance, but what impressed me the most was the instructor. Ken’s knowledge and ability to teach allowed me to learn concepts and terminology and then apply it firsthand during our lab assignments. I am so grateful to the NAWCC for offering this course and look forward to attending future classes.” –Erich

Review of Lathe Workshop: “This course is very worthwhile. Jerry’s focus on achieving a result, and his inventiveness in coming up with solutions and tools to do so, is inspiring. Throughout the class, he offered challenges and examples of ‘outside-of-the-box’ solutions. Being able to run a piece of equipment under skilled guidance, with a chance to make mistakes and figure out solutions, is a much better introduction than any amount of reviews and instructional material.” –Kevin