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The History of the Wristwatch Gallery

During the Renaissance, mechanical watch movements were attached to decorative bracelets as a lady’s accessory. This trend reemerged during the 1800s as women’s pocket watches were fitted with a bracelet or leather strap to be worn on the wrist.

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The Member Contribution Gallery

The Member Contribution Gallery, as its name suggests, is where Museum members can place special items from their personal collections for Museum visitors to enjoy. This gallery’s exhibit changes frequently, so no two visits may be the same. One thing is for sure, this gallery will feature the most uncommon pieces, such as a wooden sculpture clock constructed in 1994.

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The Engle Clock

A visit to the Museum would not be complete without seeing and hearing the Engle monumental clock and the Welte orchestrion. The Engle clock, which was completed in 1877, weighs 1,049 pounds and has a height of 11 feet, a width of eight feet, and a depth of three feet. It features music, moving carved figures, and reminders that time is fleeting. It is run every day at noon and 2:00 PM. You can hear the Welte orchestrion between these shows at 11 AM, 1 PM, and 3 PM. The orchestrion was recently donated to the Museum and mechanically plays music with actual organ pipes, drums, and a triangle.

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