Podcasts & Webinars


In keeping with its education mission, NAWCC now proudly produces NAWCC Watch & Clock Podcast, a podcast about horology for everyone who loves watches, clocks, and all things to do with keeping time.

Education is the heart of our mission.

If you are interested in learning more about timepieces and timekeeping, keeping up to date on the latest research and discoveries, or seeking expert knowledge regarding clocks, watches, and horological ephemera, our webinars and podcasts can help. 

The NAWCC’s goal is to educate not only the professional but to reach out to the student and amateur horologist and to help expand their knowledge. While learning is its own reward, it also provides opportunities for building lasting friendships.

Those seeking to learn more about clocks, watches, and the history of timekeeping as well as lifelong collectors will enjoy these informative podcasts and webinars.


The NAWCC is the clearinghouse for sharing horological knowledge and skills. Webinars tell the fascinating stories of horology, cover various watch and clock topics, and preserve the knowledge of horological craftsmanship.  Webinars are opportunities to learn about and care for your timepiece. Through hands-on learning, these webinars can build your confidence, knowledge, and skills in watch and clock repair and maintenance. Whether it is the technology of timekeeping or the nature and meaning of time itself, our educational programs expand horizons and provide answers.