NAWCC Digital Video Archive

The following videos are part of the NAWCC Library and Research Center Collection, and are provided online to NAWCC members for research purposes.

Note: Many of these videos were transferred from analog video sources such as VHS tape. The picture and audio quality will necessarily vary from video to video. Also, these videos have been optimized for online playback across a number of digital video platforms to make them as accessible as possible. Different computer systems may display these videos differently, especially on slower internet connections.

View Past Time Symposium Presentations

2023 NAWCC Ward Francillon Symposium
Lancaster Legacy
View Showcase
2022 NAWCC Ward Francillon Symposium
Horology’s Great Collectors (in association with HSNY)
View Showcase
2021 NAWCC Ward Francillon Symposium
Horology 1776
View Showcase
2018 NAWCC Ward Francillon Symposium
Cars, Clocks, and Watches
View Showcase
2017 NAWCC Ward Francillon Symposium
Horology in Art
View Showcase
2016 NAWCC Ward Francillon Symposium
Clocks at Winterthur
View Showcase
2015 NAWCC Ward Francillon Symposium
Mechanical Music & Marvels
View Showcase
2014 NAWCC Ward Francillon Symposium
The Beauty, Precision and Craftsmanship of French Clocks
View Showcase
2013 NAWCC Ward Francillon Symposium
Time for Everyone
View Showcase

Video Program Lending

The NAWCC Library and Research Center has over 400 DVD and VHS Video Programs created by members and other professionals available for use by members and chapters.

All of the videos in the program collection are available for lending. For a complete list of the videos see the Library Video Program listing. Most of the videos are available on both DVD and VHS. If you have viewing requirements, please note whether the program is available in your required format. A portion of the videos are available for members to view online. Please note that you must be logged in to see the videos.

Please fill out our Lending Request form. Please include your payment method and mail the form to:

NAWCC Library & Research Center
514Poplar Street
Columbia, PA 17512