NAWCC Spot-a-Clock

The Spot a Clock program was formulated almost two decades ago as the Public Time Initiative. It was envisioned as a project to catalog all of the public clocks in America. Since then we have received almost 500 submissions of clocks that were discovered by our members. Of those, 100 of them were accompanied by images of the clocks. You can view these by clicking on the Spot-a-Clock Program link below.

NAWCC Spot-a-Clock Program

Below are two Bulletin Articles you can read to acquaint yourself with the vision of the project and a example of researching public clocks.

Public Time Initiative by Frank Del Greco – a program to identify, collect, and maintain data on all public clocks in the United States

Tower Clocks of West Virginia by Robert D. Psurny – Robert shares the data and experience gained while researching public clocks in West Virginia. He presents a brief history of how he became interested in public clock research and started a survey of public clocks in West Virginia. There are a few suggestions that readers might find helpful as a “how to” manual for starting their own research.

So here is the invitation for you to participate by sending in any information and images of Tower or Street clocks you may come across in your travels. Additionally, if you can supplement any information or supply an image of one of the clocks on the list, we will be happy to add it in with the information about the clock.

Email your discoveries and images to