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 2015 WARD FRANCILLON SYMPOSIUM - Mechanical Music & Marvels
October 22-24, 2015 in Houston, Texas
Covering the history and development of clockwork operated devices. Topics will include historical information, musical clocks, automatons, disc & cylinder music boxes, bird boxes & whistlers, Black Forest clocks, musical clock movements played on bells, early spring operated phonographs & gramophones, and music composed for these devices. 

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ontheclock sm NEW Webinar! ON THE CLOCK: Changing The Industrialized World

This program is an overview of the National Watch and Clock Museum's latest special exhibit and will focus on time recorders as accents to the Labor Movement in America. This will not only be an exhibit walkthrough, but also a look at how the work day has changed over the years, the advancements that had to happen to get us where we are today, and what the future could look like as technology progresses. Sunday, July 12th at 7pm EDT.  

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NEW COURSE AVAILABLE: Bushing and Depthing on the Milling Machine by Jerry Kieffer

This online course will cover the installation of bushings and depthing for both clock and watches on a milling machine. This course uses a Sherline milling machine when demonstrating a series of very specific (and important) techniques useful to the active horologist.

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newspic 4Preservation of timepieces is important to you. When you want information, where do you turn?  Do you go to the NAWCC online archives for Watch & Clock Bulletins?  (It's a wealth of information, published consistently since 1943!) The NAWCC counts on your support to keep marching on—to foster and educate members on preservation and collecting. Contributions enhance what the NAWCC can offer you. Your gift is important, whatever the amount.  Please give today.





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