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WEBINAR: Starting a Vintage Wristwatch Collection Without the Tears by Adam Harris


This webinar will cover the questions: “How, Where, and What” to start a vintage wristwatch collection. We will discuss tips and commonly asked questions and answers. There will be lots of photo examples with costs and examples of potential downfalls and how to try to avoid them. Sunday, September 27, 2015 at 7pm EDT and Oct. 11th at 7pm EDT.


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NEW COURSE AVAILABLE: Introduction to Techniques in Gilding, Finishing, and Veneer by Gregg Perry

This is a bundled package of the three online courses: gilding, finishing, and veneer. The instructor demonstrates the following techniques: water gilding, applying gesso, burnishing, patina techniques, oil gilding, nontraditional gilding, applying shellac, French polishing, and amalgamation. 

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 2015 WARD FRANCILLON SYMPOSIUM - Mechanical Music & Marvels
October 22-24, 2015 in Houston, Texas
Covering the history and development of clockwork operated devices. Topics will include historical information, musical clocks, automatons, disc & cylinder music boxes, bird boxes & whistlers, Black Forest clocks, musical clock movements played on bells, early spring operated phonographs & gramophones, and music composed for these devices. 


newspic 4Preservation of timepieces is important to you. When you want information, where do you turn?  Do you go to the NAWCC online archives for Watch & Clock Bulletins?  (It's a wealth of information, published consistently since 1943!) The NAWCC counts on your support to keep marching on—to foster and educate members on preservation and collecting. Contributions enhance what the NAWCC can offer you. Your gift is important, whatever the amount.  Please give today.





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